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Atheism’s Slippery Relationship with the Truth

Here’s a video where Richard Dawkins asserts, “What matters is what’s true.” Yet you have to wonder if Dawkins believes this simply because he was raised in a culture that values truth and that is largely because of its theistic … Continue reading

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Two plus two does not equal five

Here’s a story of a guy who calls himself Ja Du.  He believes he is both a woman and a Filipino.  He is transgender and transracial.  If he wants to believe that, fine.  The problem arises when he and others … Continue reading

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Does Truth Always Matter?

How important is truth? Richard Dawkins tells us, “What matters is what’s true!” Yet I would argue what matters is what’s true….as long as there is a God. If God exists, then we exist in a reality that exists because … Continue reading

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