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More Oppression

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Correcting More Gender Misinformation

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Are School Shooters and Social Justice Extremists on the Same Spectrum?

Originally posted on Shadow To Light:
Birgit Pfeifer of Windesheim University of Applied Sciences and Ruard R. Ganzevoort of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam published an article entitled The Implicit Religion of School Shootings: Existential Concerns of Perpetrators Prior to Their Crime.  (HT:…

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Trans Activists Justify the Killing of Small Christian Children

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The Irrational and Harsh Thoughts of Masha Gessen

Let’s consider some excerpts from trans author, Masha Gessen, as reported in the New Yorker.  I think it exposes some core incoherency and harshness that comes with gender ideology.  First, consider this: Judith Butler, who certainly did not invent the … Continue reading

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Atheists Triggered About Their Atheism

I woke up early Saturday morning and found this in my Twitter feed: Sigh.  Atheists and their Santa/God analogies.   So I quickly responded with the first point that came to mind: In other words, there is a significantly large number … Continue reading

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Another Trans Rights Activist Defends Pedophilia

To give you a preview of what is coming from the Woke progressives somtime in the near future: I did write about this guy 3 years ago: He’s another example that supports the PPA rule:

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Elite Scholars Don’t Have Elite Reasons For Being Non-believers

Jerry Coyne is still peddling his crackpot views about religion and science. He floats a stale, old New Atheist talking point: The first way is this: “Are there any scientists who believe in God?” And the answer to that is, … Continue reading

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Hate Speech

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More Evidence of LGB Oppression?

Continuing the search for evidence that the LGB community is oppressed, someone on Twitter offered up this article from 2018:  The problem with this evidence? It’s just another survey asking people to self-report:

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