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I’m shocked!

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Another Queer Activist Supports Pedophilia

Heather Corinna describes herself as follows on her own web page: Heather (they/them) is a dedicated queer feminist activist, author, educator, artist, teacher, organizer and innovator who grows big things from small seeds and works to create, cultivate and support … Continue reading

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The Post-Christian World

And Christians are supposed to be the delusional ones.

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Updated the About Section

Here. Just because the old one was so out of date.

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My Analysis of the Satanists was Spot On

Over five years ago, I noted that that the Satanic Temple’s “After School Satan” club was just trolling: After School Satan Sounds Like More Atheist Trolling It looks like I was right. What’s more, note the uncanny accuracy of my … Continue reading

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Another day, another abusive teacher

Hmmm. The same profession that wants to indoctrinate children with Woke ideology (and lie to parents about their intentions) also seems to have an abuse problem. Here’s one that just became known: A Florida high school English teacher was arrested … Continue reading

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Trans Activists Defended a Sex Offender

I’m not shocked by any of this: In June, a group of women complained that a person who identified as female exposed their penis at the Wi Spa in Los Angeles. The incident led to months of sometimes violent protests, … Continue reading

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Phil Zuckerman Swings Again. And Whiffs Again.

Sociologist Phil Zuckerman argues, “When it comes to the most pressing moral issues of the day, hard-core secularists exhibit much more empathy, compassion, and care for the well-being of others than the most ardently God-worshipping.” Zuckerman failed to make this … Continue reading

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Phil Zuckerman Tries to Argue That Atheists Are Morally Superior. And Fails.

Phil Zuckerman is a professor of sociology and secular studies at Pitzer College in Claremont, California.  According to his Wikipedia page, Zuckerman’s academic work seems largely focused on defending and promoting secularism and atheism.  So it looks to me that … Continue reading

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White Fragility: A Pseudoscientific Concept

Since the social justice extremists want to use the term “white fragility” as a weapon, let’s take a closer look at this nonsense concept.  We’ll start with a mainstream review of the book that popularized the term. The review begins: … Continue reading

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