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Academia as Confirmation Bias

As you probably know, it is not uncommon for an atheist to cite some survey which shows  that atheism is positively correlated with a college education. This is supposed to support the subtle narrative that since intelligence and education are … Continue reading

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Getting Harder to Hide to Partisan Agendas Behind the “March for Science”

Poor Jerry Coyne.  The atheist activist is struggling mightily about the March for Science.  He wants to attend the march, although he doesn’t know what it is supposed to accomplish.  But he’s having a hard time closing his eyes to … Continue reading

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Jordan Peterson – Beyond Marxism & Postmodernism

I really enjoyed this video.  If you are pressed for time, you can begin at about 6 min in.

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Facts vs. Narrative

Never let the facts get in the way of a good narrative.  At least as far as activists go, that is. A nice example of this is atheist activist Hemant Mehta.  He recently posted a blog entry entitled, A Pennsylvania … Continue reading

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The Harris-Peterson Podcast

Sam Harris does a two hour podcast with Jordan Peterson after getting a flood of requests for such a show from his listeners.  In fact, Harris tells us “I’d received more listener requests for him than for Neil deGrasse Tyson, … Continue reading

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The Cult of Intersectionality

In a previous posting, I hinted that activism is prone to developing into a secular cult: In summary, I am proposing that activists are predisposed to radicalization.   One causal factor behind this radicalization is manner in which activists tend to … Continue reading

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March for Science Threatens Public’s Trust in Science

In her article, Is the March for Science Bad for Scientists?, Emily Atkin made a point that is both dangerous and foolhardy: If scientists are defensive in the first place, perhaps it’s because of conservative rhetoric portraying them as partisan … Continue reading

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Friendly Atheist Alternative Facts

The Friendly Atheist blog is excited about Netflix airing a new movie about Madalyn Murray O’Hair.  O’Hair was the original New Atheist (Dawkins is just a polished version of O’Hair), so I always thought it strange that today’s New Atheists … Continue reading

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Another Fake Hate Crime

From here A 21-year-old Ann Arbor woman pleaded guilty as charged to one count of false report of a misdemeanor in 15th District Court on Monday, March 6. Halley Bass admitted in court that she fabricated a story about a … Continue reading

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The Big Picture Behind the March for Science

The March for Science (MfS) promotes and sells itself as non-partisan when there is no evidence for such posturing.  In fact, the evidence we have thus far indicates such posturing is misleading.  But there is more to the MfS than … Continue reading

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