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Spot on

Yes, I think that is when many people began to realize the “experts” had a credibility problem. I also noticed how the experts would go on and on about the number of new cases, but never made an effort to … Continue reading

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Two Ways the Gender Activists are Setting the Table for the Pedophiles

After watching gender activists on Twitter for some time now, it has become clear there are two ways in which they are setting the stage for the normalization of pedophilia.  1. Age on consent.  Gender activists argue that young children … Continue reading

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Woke Scientist Can’t Define a Woman

Woke professor, PZ Myers, struggles mightily when asked the simple question, “What is a woman?”  Myers begins as follows: You know, not everything fits into a tidy category that can be encapsulated in a brief dictionary entry. This bizarre need … Continue reading

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Woke Scientist Defeated by a Question

Caroline VanSickle is a a biological anthropologist and an assistant professor of anatomy who teaches a course on Sex, Gender, and Sexuality in Medicine. She also has a twitter account and recently used her position as a scientist to deny … Continue reading

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Not the Real Thing

When I asked for the evidence that Lia Thomas is a woman,  woke atheist Archon wrote, “Lia could state that she is a Cincinnati Reds fan, a non-smoker, a vegetarian, and likes heavy metal music, and you have to accept … Continue reading

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Woke Atheist Insists, “You have to accept it”

A few months ago, I asked a question to Woke atheists – “Can you provide the evidence that Lia Thomas is a woman?”  Archon’s Den replied: Personal feelings, personal testimony, personal experience, intuition, etc. do NOT count as evidence, when applied … Continue reading

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Social Science At Work

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Pro-Choice, Anti-Gun Leftist Went to Kill Supreme Court Justice

I’ll bet there are many secular progressives out there who wish Roske had carried out his murderous plan. Roske told officers he wanted to murder Kavenaugh because it would “give his life purpose.” Sounds like a nihilistic atheist. Ends justfy … Continue reading

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Pride Month

Apparently, one way the Woke celebrate pride month is to take kids to gay bars and get them to participate is some draq queen dance routine: BTW, if you oppose this, the secular progressives will accuse you of homophobia and … Continue reading

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More Evidence to Support Bill Maher’s Point About the LGBTQ Fad/Trend

In case you have not seen this, I would highly recommend it: Let me provide some evidence that greatly strengthens Maher’s point about the trendiness of being LGBT. Here is a breakdown of the survey results from the Gallop poll … Continue reading

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