Debunking the Religion-as-Child-Abuse Argument

In a previous posting,  I dismantled the popular New Atheist argument that a religious upbringing is a form of child abuse.  We saw that such a position works equally well with the political socialization of children, which would entail that New Atheists who share their political views with their children are actually abusing them.   Yet New Atheists are not willing to remain completely apolitical around their children.  We also saw that any attempt to implement the “religion as child abuse” position though societal or legal pressure is likely to cause great harm.

It’s now time to take the dismantled parts of the New Atheist argument and sweep them into the trash bin.

There is a glaring fact that completely undercuts the “religious indoctrination is child abuse” position – there is no evidence to support it.

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Should Political Moderates Be Blamed for Political Extremism?

I see that Jerry Coyne has criticized Katherine Cross’s call for violence.  Good for him.

I wonder if Coyne now recognizes the errors in Sam Harris’s arguments against religious moderates.  According to Harris, religious moderates are just as bad as religious extremists, because the moderates create an atmosphere of respectability for religion that the extremists then exploit.

It would seem the same logic would apply to political moderates.  After all, the arguments of Coyne vs. Cross are the arguments of the Left vs. the Far Left (or, as Coyne calls them, the Regressive Left).

If we are to use Sam Harris’s logic, it would seem to me that the Left has created an atmosphere of respectability for various ideas (like political correctness) that the Far Left exploits to justify their violent rhetoric and actions.  If religious moderates are partly to blame for the actions of religious extremists, political moderates (like Coyne and Harris) are partly to blame for the actions of political extremists.

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Sociologist Advocates Violence

Katherine Cross describes herself as a “Sociologist, Transfeminist, Gaming Critic, Opera-loving slug matron, and itinerant Valkyrie.”  How wonderful.  She also advocates for violence in a blog essay entitled, “Why Punching Nazis Is Not Only Ethical, But Imperative.

You can read the essay for yourself, but it essentially boils down to this: To prevent Nazis from taking over the United States and putting everyone else in concentration camps, we have a moral duty to punch them because that will prevent them from taking over.

It’s remarkable how a “sociologist” can so easily cede the moral high ground to neo-nazis, of all people.  For the glaring fact that stares us all in the face is this –  the one who is calling for acts of violence in order to censor speech is……Katherine Cross (along with other far Left extremists, like atheist activist Dan Arel).

Of course, there is where the “end justifies the means” approach itself typically ends.  Censorship and physical violence (the means) are justified to thwart the Coming Dystopia (the end).  Yet, once we have made reason a slave to our fears, and find ourselves traveling down this road, one has to wonder where it all stops.

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New Atheist Gullibility?

New Atheist activist Hemant Mehta posted a blog entry entitled, “Ricky Gervais Hilariously Deconstructed a Tweeted Threat from a Christian Fundamentalist.”

Here was the tweet:

And Mehta informs us:

Gervais said the person who sent it to him was a Creationist from Texas. And then he spent several minutes trying to unpack everything the man said…

C’mon people.  Can Gervais and Mehta be any more gullible?  Is there ANY evidence this tweet came from a “Creationist from Texas?”  Is there ANY evidence this tweet came from a “Christian Fundamentalist?” How did these champions of critical thinking ever rule out the obvious alterative explanation?

This is a Poe.

Let’s start with the all-caps “Scients.”  Really?  These guys get taken in by Poe 101?  What’s more likely?  A “Creationist from Texas” never once read the word “science” and gets it hilariously wrong by trying to spell it like it sounds to his ignorant ears?  Or a Poe, using the oldest lolz Poe tricks in the book?  Then again, these Gnus are probably still oblivious to the way Dawkins was Poe’d.

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A New York Professor Demands the Police Physically Assault Campus Speaker

On Feb 2, students at New York University on Thursday night gathered to demonstrate against a speech being delivered by Vice Media co-founder and conservative actor Gavin McInnes.

Here’s a video of a professor lashing out at the police (who were there to keep order):

According to this hysterical professor, the “kids” (college students) were in danger because neo-Nazis (Gavin McInnes and those who wanted to listen to his speech) were on campus.  After all, the “kids” went to New York University to learn about racism, xenophobia, and LGCTQ rights. In other words, the “kids” are there to be indoctrinated.  The most remarkable aspect of this video is that this college professor actually said the police had a duty to “kick the ass” of the “neo-Nazis.”  And she even cites herself as a “professor” as if that puts authority behind her demands. She then brags about how peaceful her students are, which is why she demands the police do their dirty work for them.

It’s quite clear this professor is motivated by Hate.  Her hatred of conservative actor Gavin McInnes and his audience is painfully obvious.  What’s painfully hypocritical is to fulminate against “neo-nazis” while demanding the police “kick the ass” of the hated group.  The only one coming across as a neo-nazi here is the professor.

What this professor may represent is the gradual decline of academia.  Critical thinking is replaced with emotional rants and freedom of speech and thinking is replaced with ideological conformity that is supposed to be back up by police brutality.

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The Silly “One Less God” Argument

The Secular Student Alliance has a silly stunt backed up by a silly argument:

Graveyard of the Gods is a farewell to humanity’s forgotten deities. It is an opportunity to demonstrate that there are thousands upon thousands of gods that have been worshipped throughout history, and most of them are no longer worshipped. The Graveyard of the Gods activity is not an attack on religion, but is primarily a very visible way to demonstrate why Blaise Pascal’s infamous Wager doesn’t work because it assumes only one possible god to place bets on.

From my use of the Wager, this stunt/argument goes nowhere.  The Wager is a wager, not some deductive argument.  Thus, the only relevant issue is whether the Wager is a smart or wise one.  And the answer to that question will depend on a) the actual wager being made and b) the person who makes the wager.

Now, I accept and embrace Christianity because I think it is true because of my use of reason and evidence.  Therefore, the Wager comes into play after the evidence is considered.  In this case, we have evidence about the thousands and thousands of gods that have been worshipped throughout history – most of them are no longer worshipped.  It would seem to me that if a God did exist, the deity would be able to sustain the existence of some significant community of believers across time and space.  The Christian God qualifies.  Christianity has a significant presence on every continent on the Earth.   The thousands and thousands of gods that have been worshipped throughout history don’t.  As the SSA notes, “Most of them are no longer worshipped.”

Now, what rational person would wager on the existence of a god that nobody else worshipped?  That’s not exactly the smartest bet in the room.

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Acting out the Hate

There is not much information about the militant atheist who stabbed the Christian woman to death because of her views on marriage.  One thing did catch my eye:

  Defence lawyers argued that Daniel suffered from a personality disorder and shunned contact with others, while spending time in his room playing video games.

I don’t think he only played video games.   He probably was connected to something called the……internet.  People who “shun contact with others” are still able to interact with others via the internet. In fact, that’s how they get by.   And this raises the question of whether Daniel E. was someone who regularly consumed the anti-religious propaganda of the activist atheist internet community.   After all, he did write an anti-religious manifesto on his computer.

I did find this article with a few more details, but it is in German.  Google translate helps uncover a couple of interesting excerpts (even though it is obviously rough):

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Militant Atheist Murders Christian Because of Her Views About Marriage

Here’s a news story that has not received much attention:

The 25-year-old Daniel E. was sentenced to life in prison by a court in Freiburg on Monday for killing his Christian student flatmate last August in a crime ruled to be motivated by hate and disdain.

The 31-year-old victim from Paderborn had first met her killer when she moved into a student flatshare last summer. The young woman was an active member of her parish who wanted to later work for the church.

But Daniel E. vehemently rejected any form of religion, and twice before killing her had tried to start a fight, he told police.

On the day of the murder – just ten days after moving in together – he stormed into her room and asked her what her stance was on same-sex marriage. When she said that she rejected this kind of marriage, he stabbed her while she sat on her bed, with a knife hidden in his trouser pocket.

State prosecutors argued that she had no chance against her sole flatmate. She tried to flee via the stairwell, but there he stabbed her in the back several times and she died at the scene. The court determined that he had deliberately planned the attack on his roommate.

From another report:

The court heard that the man described the murder to police as if it were a “school trip” after being arrested.

He said the attack was motivated by his hatred of religion, which was detailed in a “manifesto” discovered on his computer by investigators, Focus reported.

Defence lawyers argued that Daniel suffered from a personality disorder and shunned contact with others, while spending time in his room playing video games.


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March for Social Justice Science

Check out this tweet from the March For Science activists:


At the March for Science, we are committed to highlighting, standing in solidarity with, and acting as allies with black, Latinx, Asian and Pacific Islander, indigenous, Muslim, non-Christian, non-religious, women, people with disabilities, poor, gay, lesbian, bisexual, queer, trans, non-binary, agender, and intersex scientists and science advocates. We must work to make science available to everyone and encouraging individuals of all backgrounds to pursue science careers, especially in advanced degrees and positions. A diverse group of scientists produces increasingly diverse research, which broadens, strengthens, and enriches scientific inquiry, and therefore, our understanding of the world.

Okay, they want to exclude Christians from there March, I suppose because the Christians control science and exclude all those “non-Christians” and “non-religious.”  Someone needs to inform Dawkins et al. who like to brag how most scientists are non-religious.

But that last sentence is most interesting.  They seem to be saying that scientific truth is dependent on one’s race, religion, sex, and sexual orientation. Hmmmm.   Looks like post-modernism is trying to absorb science.

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Dismantling the “Religion as Child Abuse” Argument

Back in July 2016, atheist Zoltan Istvan laid out his position concerning “the religious indoctrination of children.”

Like some other atheists and transhumanists, I join in calling for regulation that restricts religious indoctrination of children until they reach, let’s say, 16 years of age. Once a kid hits their mid-teens, let them have at it—if religion is something that interests them. 16-year-olds are enthusiastic, curious, and able to rationally start exploring their world, with or without the guidance of parents. But before that, they are too impressionable to repeatedly be subjected to ideas that are faith-based, unproven, and historically wrought with danger. Forcing religion onto minors is essentially a form of child abuse, which scars their ability to reason and also limits their ability to consider the world in an unbiased manner. A reasonable society should not have to indoctrinate its children; its children should discover and choose religious paths for themselves when they become adults, if they are to choose one at all.

This is a position that is not uncommon among the atheist activists.  In fact, my guess is that many readers have encountered this position, or something very similar, when interacting with atheists on the internet given the seeds of this position were planted in Richard Dawkins’ God Delusion.  So let’s have a closer look at it.

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