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Post-Roe World

Now that Roe v. Wade has been discarded, will this translate as a huge shift in votes for the Democrats in November?  I doubt it. First, and most importantly, the people who are enraged and outraged by the Supreme Court … Continue reading

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Pro-Choice, Anti-Gun Leftist Went to Kill Supreme Court Justice

I’ll bet there are many secular progressives out there who wish Roske had carried out his murderous plan. Roske told officers he wanted to murder Kavenaugh because it would “give his life purpose.” Sounds like a nihilistic atheist. Ends justfy … Continue reading

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As Roe v. Wade Slips Away……..

Extreme Left activist, Hemant Mehta, tries to explain the meaning of a post-Roe world in his blog post entitled, “If the Supreme Court overturns Roe, conservative Christians may regret it.” Being the extreme activist, Mehta takes a hyper-partisan approach.  For … Continue reading

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Fun with Roe

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Washington Post Effectively Argues that Abortion is Not a “Women’s Issue”

From here: Updated stylebook guidance for The Washington Post told writers to say “pregnant women and other pregnant individuals” rather than just “pregnant women” in an effort “to be more inclusive.” Translation – pregant women don’t get abortions. Pregnant individuals … Continue reading

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The Texas Abortion Law is Not “Anti-Woman”

While many insist that the new Texas law concerning abortion is “anti-woman,” I’m afraid that argument is out of date and no longer applies.  This is 2021 and in 2021 there are trans-men.  We are told trans men are men … Continue reading

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