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Just Another Wacky Social Scientist

I will also repeat what is evident to impartial observers, that Trump’s Republicanism stands in a continuity with Fascism. — Lars Maischak (@LarsMaischak) 10 April 2017 … and that historical precedent suggests that a death sentence is inevitable, if democracy … Continue reading

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Academia as Confirmation Bias

As you probably know, it is not uncommon for an atheist to cite some survey which shows  that atheism is positively correlated with a college education. This is supposed to support the subtle narrative that since intelligence and education are … Continue reading

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Another day, another SocJus Ritual

It’s in a different country (Canada), at a different university (McMaster Univerisity), and involves a different speaker (psychologist Jordan Peterson).  Here is Peterson’s description from YouTube: All this video from the “panel discussion” at McMaster University Friday March 17th 2017. … Continue reading

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A New York Professor Demands the Police Physically Assault Campus Speaker

On Feb 2, students at New York University on Thursday night gathered to demonstrate against a speech being delivered by Vice Media co-founder and conservative actor Gavin McInnes. Here’s a video of a professor lashing out at the police (who were there to … Continue reading

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The Academic Chair for the Study of Atheism at the University of Miami Starting to Smell Like an Advocacy Position

It looks like the man who is purchasing “the nation’s first academic chair for the study of atheism, humanism and secular ethics at the University of Miami” hates religion.  What a surprise.  Atheism motivated by hatred of religion. Who would … Continue reading

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Atheists Undermine Their Own Talking Point

It’s beginning to look more and more like the attempts to define atheism as a mere lack of belief in God are rooted in sneakiness and intellectual dishonesty. According to the NYT: the University of Miami received a donation in … Continue reading

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Getting Sent to the Kids Table

Over at his blog, dangerous ideas, Victor Reppert reports that Peter Boghossian has sent Reppert to the “kid’s table” because of Boghossian’s problems with reading comprehension. You can’t make this stuff up. Victor also writes: What I said was that … Continue reading

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Another Flimsy Disclaimer

In his syllabus for his course on Atheism, Peter Boghossian includes a second disclaimer: Just as the purpose of religious studies is not to convert students to a particular faith tradition, this course is not about “converting” students to atheism. … Continue reading

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Do “Elite” Universities Discriminate Against Christians?

In the book, Inside Graduate Admissions: Merit, Diversity, and Faculty Gatekeeping (published by Harvard University Press),  Julie R. Posselt  “obtained permission from 6 highly ranked departments at three research universities to watch their reviews of candidates, and she interviewed faculty … Continue reading

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A World Without Religion Doesn’t Look So Good

A common theme of the New Atheist narrative is the belief the world would be a much better place without religion. This belief is connected to the New Atheist’s extreme perceptions of religion as “one of the world’s greatest evils.” … Continue reading

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