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Academia as Confirmation Bias

As you probably know, it is not uncommon for an atheist to cite some survey which shows  that atheism is positively correlated with a college education. This is supposed to support the subtle narrative that since intelligence and education are … Continue reading

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Atheism as Subjective Opinion

In one his speeches given in May 2012, Peter Boghossian defines atheists: The overwhelming majority of atheists don’t claim there is no god. They just claim there is not sufficient evidence to warrant belief in God. Yet multiple atheists activists … Continue reading

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Militant Atheist Murders Christian Because of Her Views About Marriage

Here’s a news story that has not received much attention: The 25-year-old Daniel E. was sentenced to life in prison by a court in Freiburg on Monday for killing his Christian student flatmate last August in a crime ruled to … Continue reading

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Dismantling the “Religion as Child Abuse” Argument

Back in July 2016, atheist Zoltan Istvan laid out his position concerning “the religious indoctrination of children.” Like some other atheists and transhumanists, I join in calling for regulation that restricts religious indoctrination of children until they reach, let’s say, 16 years of age. Once a … Continue reading

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Taking Richard Dawkins’ Concerns Seriously

At least someone is taking Dawkins seriously: China will crack down further on what it calls “cults” with a new judicial interpretation released on Wednesday mandating harsh punishments for groups proselytising to government officials or children or linking up with … Continue reading

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Greetings from an Atheist

Nicholas, another atheist, has joined us in the comments section.  He comes to us with that friendly atheist attitude: Now here is another fact: you are a fucking indoctrinated, deluded piece of shit, and I wish to help you as … Continue reading

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Atheists not all that interested in science

We are told that atheists love science.  After all, it’s this deep love of science that has supposedly led to their atheism.  Yet I think this is just an image the atheist movement uses to sell itself.  After all, atheist … Continue reading

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Church Vandalized with Atheist Memes

Four churches in Iceland were vandalized with anti-religious and anti-God graffiti: Vulgar and blasphemous messages were spray-painted on the walls of Akureyri Church, North Iceland, overnight, according to RÚV. The incident has been reported to police. Svavar Alfreð Jónsson, minister … Continue reading

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“There is no God!” – A Common Atheist Belief

In the previous posting, I showed that atheist activist leaders subscribe to the belief that “there are no gods.”  That is, their atheism is not a lack of god belief.  Their atheism is a belief that God does not exist.  … Continue reading

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Multiple atheist activists define atheism as a belief – “there are no gods”

It would appear quite common for atheist activists to proclaim there is no God. He have already seen that the Freedom From Religion Foundation defines atheism in this manner.  The Christmas season sign that they have local activists put up … Continue reading

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