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Why Stop With Arson?

More moral clarity from the atheist professor who advocates church burnings: I still wouldn’t respect or like him, but I think he’d be a better man if he’d merely tossed someone in a woodchipper, rather than making a lucrative career … Continue reading

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Atheist Morality At Work

Ah, atheist morality on display. Speaking of a rightwing publisher who died of cancer: I wouldn’t normally say this about a cancer victim, but jesus, I hope he suffered. – PZ Myers Speaking of the churches in Canada: Burn a church … Continue reading

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Phil Torres Lashes Out At His Old Heroes

Phil Torres wrote an article entitled, Godless grifters: How the New Atheists merged with the far right: What once seemed like a bracing intellectual movement has degenerated into a pack of abusive, small-minded bigots. Torres does a good job cataloging … Continue reading

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Week of Reason: God of the Gaps Atheism

The militant atheist movement is built on the belief that there is no evidence for God. Of course, such atheists are entitled to their opinions on this matter, but because of their militancy, and the way it serves their agenda, … Continue reading

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Week of Reason: Elite Scientists Don’t Have Elite Reasons for Being Atheists

One of the favorite arguments in the atheist movement is to point to leading scientists and note that a majority of them are atheists. The argument is, of course, pathetic and not much different from trying to score some point … Continue reading

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Week of Reason: Atheists Led By Paranoia

Since May 7 is supposed to be the Day of Reason, I thought we’d go one step better and make this the Week of Reason.  Each day, we’ll take a look at the atheists/secularists and their reliance on reason. Today, … Continue reading

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Celebrating Deception

I have not checked in on Richard Dawkins twitter account for some time so I decided to take a look.  One of the articles he shared with his fans recently is a Guardian article by Jonathan Freedland entitled, “Joe Biden … Continue reading

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The Dark Side of Gregg Caruso’s Free Will Denialism

Gregg Caruso, a philosophy professor at Corning Community College, gave a talk about the “Dark Side” of Free Will. In doing so, I think he lets the cat out of the bag, showing that free will deniers come to us … Continue reading

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Sender and Receivers

Atheist Bob Seidensticker tells us, “If Christianity Were True, There Wouldn’t Be So Many Denominations.”  He then explains, “A perfect creator should be able to accurately convey his perfect message to the people he created. And yet, somehow, he can’t. … Continue reading

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The Captain Pike Test

In an episode of the original Star Trek series, we meet Captain Christopher Pike. .  At some point in his history, “he is severely injured while rescuing several cadets from a baffle plate rupture on board a J-class training vessel, the delta ray … Continue reading

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