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Dawkins Admits Nothing Can Persuade Him God Exists

We have seen that the central claim of modern day atheism – “There is no evidence for God” – is equivalent to saying “There are no Gaps.” That is, the evidence that the atheist demands is a Gap – something … Continue reading

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Goldilocks and Evidence for Christian Theism

Let me provide what I consider to be a significant piece of evidence for the truth of Christian theism. It all begins with the Goldilocks Principle.  Wikipedia describes it as follows: The Goldilocks principle is named by analogy to the … Continue reading

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A PostModern Atheist

We’ve just seen how a modern day atheist embraces eugenics.  But what about a post-modern atheist? Meet Patricia MacCormack, “a Cambridge academic has proposed a radical new way to solve climate change – letting humanity become extinct. Patricia MacCormack, a … Continue reading

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Another Atheist Defends Pedophilia

Peter Tatchell  is a LGBT activist who gave a TED talk back in 2015 about the future of sexuality: Tatchell basically asks as LGTB acceptance increases, where will this lead us, as a culture, in the future?  That is, as … Continue reading

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The Satanic Temple is an Atheistic Religion

Lucien Greaves is a founder and lead spokesperson for the SatanicTemple. He said: “Words like ‘spiritual’ or ‘holy,’ I think — one of the first things that people need to realize about us is that we don’t advocate for any … Continue reading

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A Year Ago, Atheists Mangled the Covington Catholic Story

Robby Soave posted a good article entitled, “A Year Ago, the Media Mangled the Covington Catholic Story. What Happened Next Was Even Worse”  that is worth a read.  If you’ll recall, the Covington Catholic story exposed the intellectual dishonesty that … Continue reading

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The Collapsing Atheist Escape Hatch

Modern day atheism is built on a simple claim – There is no evidence that God exists.  But how does the atheist know this?  It’s one thing to claim, “I don’t see any evidence for God” or “What you consider … Continue reading

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Intellectual Elites Who Embraced Pedophilia

As we proceed into the terrain of the post-Christian world, it has become more obvious to me that our “intellectual elites” would be better described as our “intellectual freaks.”  If one doubts me, explain why the intellectual elites in France … Continue reading

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Atheists and Evidence 2020. Some things never change.

Since a new year is coming, yet the same old problems with atheism remain, why not start the new year with some problems that continue to plague atheism? Back in 2009, someone at the web site “Ask the Atheist” (ATA) … Continue reading

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An Atheist Ritual

A couple of years ago, I wrote: What we’re probably witnessing is a transition stage.  The hardcore naturalistic atheism that blurs into scientism is largely favored by the old atheists who are soon to pass away.  Think of it as dinosaur … Continue reading

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