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Is OnlySky an Example of Systemic Racism?

Over at the new atheist website, OnlySky, we find a list of 15 different authors who will be posting there.  Knowing how several of them are woke and concerned about systemic racism, I used google to determine (the best I … Continue reading

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The Dumb Atheist Strikes Again

Once again, atheist professor PZ Myers doesn’t seem to have a good grasp on critical thinking. He recently posted this: and complained it was all Facebook’s fault. It never occurs to him, or any of his atheist readers, that this … Continue reading

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Moral Duty and Evidence for God

Earlier, I noted the moral posturing of atheist PZ Myers and its intrinsic irony: These are delusions in an atheistic reality. If God belief is a delusion, so too is this mushy sense of ought. There is no basis for … Continue reading

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The Atheist’s Delusion

Over at his blog, social justice atheist PZ Myers tries to explain what atheism is. He unknowingly acknowledges that modern day atheism is built on the god of the gaps logic: We’ve had the successes of science to undermine belief … Continue reading

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Free Will: Evidence for God

Does atheism entail determinism?  Atheist Jerry Coyne seems to think so.  Some time ago, he made it quite clear how his views of determinism follow from his acceptance of atheism/materialism: The best answer I can give (besides reading Sean Carroll’s … Continue reading

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More Lies From the Atheist Professor

Atheist professor, PZ Myers, has a blog entry entitled, “Anti-vaxxers are murdering children.”  Note how easy it was for the atheist to lie.  Please.  Anti-vaxxers are not out there “murdering children.”  Stop it. Maybe the atheist professor thinks otherwise because … Continue reading

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More Lies from an Atheist Professor

PZ is at it again with his blog entry entitled, What kind of ridiculous poison will they ingest next to avoid a simple vaccination? Speaking of the antiseptic, Betadine, Myers writes: I would never have dreamed of drinking or gargling … Continue reading

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Why Are Atheists Troubled by Free Speech?

Why do so many atheists have such a problem with free speech?  Many of the New Atheists and the Social Justice Atheists seem to believe that if they don’t like someone’s argument, it should never have been published.  It’s as … Continue reading

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Phil Zuckerman Fails to Demonstrate Staunch Atheists are More Moral Then The Proudly Pious

[I put all the replies to Phil Zuckerman’s argument here in one place. That way, if someone cites his Salon article to argue atheists are more moral on some social media page, you will be able to post a link … Continue reading

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Staunch Atheists and the Proudly Pious – the Real Difference

Secular apologist Phil Zuckerman failed to show that, hard-core secularists exhibit much more empathy, compassion, and care for the well-being of others than religious people.  He cited three examples as his primary evidence and each one collapsed with modest application … Continue reading

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