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Some Atheists Finally Figured it Out

I do appreciate that atheists like Bill Maher, Peter Boghossian, and James Lindsay have figured out that the Woke religion is far more dangerous and destructive than the Christian religion. But let’s not forget they were slow learners. Check out … Continue reading

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Philosopher Emily Thomas is Wrong. The Universe is Not Too Big for God.

Emily Thomas is an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Durham University.  She posted an argument for atheism – Does the Size of the Universe Prove God Doesn’t Exist? She argues: God is human-oriented: human beings are like God, and he values us … Continue reading

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Another Internet Atheist Fades Away

On February 12, 2022 Dhay noted: Every now and then I look on the OnlySky site, and discover again that Hemant Mehta doesn’t seem to have much of a presence there. On Friendly Atheist Mehta was often posting eight times … Continue reading

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Is Atheism Contributing to the Rise in Mental Illness?

As we know, the newest generation (Gen Z) has turned out to be the least religious and most atheistic we have seen for the last century: In terms of identity, Generation Z is the least religious generation yet. More than … Continue reading

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Atheists Triggered About Their Atheism

I woke up early Saturday morning and found this in my Twitter feed: Sigh.  Atheists and their Santa/God analogies.   So I quickly responded with the first point that came to mind: In other words, there is a significantly large number … Continue reading

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Dismantling the “Religion as Child Abuse” Argument

Back in July 2016, atheist Zoltan Istvan laid out his position concerning “the religious indoctrination of children.” Like some other atheists and transhumanists, I join in calling for regulation that restricts religious indoctrination of children until they reach, let’s say, 16 years of age. Once a kid … Continue reading

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An Interesting Relationship

Hmmmm. I’ve alslo seen surveys that Generation Z is more likely to embrace Atheism and Socialism than previous generations. Imagine that. Mental health problems, educational definciences, obesity, criminal records, and an unwillingness to serve all correlated with higher identification with … Continue reading

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Another Professor Defends Pedophilia and My PPA Rule is Supported.

Meet Professor Stephen Kershnar. Here he defends sex with an infant: Prediction: Some day, he’ll be able to make this argument stronger by appealing to trans kids consenting to radical medical procedures. He goes on and on and is joined … Continue reading

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Elite Scholars Don’t Have Elite Reasons For Being Non-believers

Jerry Coyne is still peddling his crackpot views about religion and science. He floats a stale, old New Atheist talking point: The first way is this: “Are there any scientists who believe in God?” And the answer to that is, … Continue reading

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More Trouble in Atheist Land

It appears that the drama that ripped the New Atheist movement apart is still alive. From the American Humanists Association: The Board of Directors of the American Humanist Association received a communication on behalf of an AHA chapter with concerns regarding Mandisa … Continue reading

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