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Atheists Struggle With Their Evidence Demands

I went fishing for atheists: After responding to one atheist, another one pops up: And then a very typical set of exchanges shall follow, where the atheists will struggle mightily. Behold…..

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Trying to Score Points with Lies

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Atheists Wants Her Pronouns to be “God”

Remember when Richatd Dawkins argued that if we got rid of religion, an age of pristine enlightenment would follow. Sorry Richard, observe your fellow atheist in the post-Christian world:

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Woke Atheist Insists, “You have to accept it”

A few months ago, I asked a question to Woke atheists – “Can you provide the evidence that Lia Thomas is a woman?”  Archon’s Den replied: Personal feelings, personal testimony, personal experience, intuition, etc. do NOT count as evidence, when applied … Continue reading

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American Atheists and White Supremacy

American Atheists recently had a conference where they got to learn about white supremacy.  I myself interpret white supremacy to be the position where one thinks the white race is superior.  But the Far Left interprets it to be whatever … Continue reading

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Lashing Out at the Secular Case for Christianity.

Atheist Jerry Coyne posted as blog entry called, “A secular case for Christianity?” It’s a response to Tim DeRoche, who makes a secular case for Christianity.  So let me offer a couple of brief comments on Coyne’s response. Coyne writes: … Continue reading

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One Simple Question For Woke Atheists

Can you provide the evidence that Lia Thomas is a woman?

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Adventures in the Twitterverse, Episode 5

Here’s a nice, short example of a closed-minded atheist (and stumped by the “what would count?” question). Of course, he derives his meaning in life from being the “Atheist Quote Bot,” so the closed-mind makes sense. And then….Great Atheist Finale:

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Adventures in the Twitterverse, Episode 4

A couple of atheists responded to my first tweet: Let’s now look at how Haywood replied. Our discussion is quite long, so I decided to add editorial comments along the way (in italics).   Essentially, we have someone who goes through … Continue reading

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Should OnlySky Change It’s Name?

I’ve looked in on the new atheist site, “OnlySky,” several times since they launched. And maybe it’s just me, but the large, elaborate, site looks like a big snooze. For example, the front page, which highlights certain articles, changes very … Continue reading

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