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An Atheist Ritual

A couple of years ago, I wrote: What we’re probably witnessing is a transition stage.  The hardcore naturalistic atheism that blurs into scientism is largely favored by the old atheists who are soon to pass away.  Think of it as dinosaur … Continue reading

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Norwegian Government Mocks Religious Minority

Atheist activists Hemant Mehta and PZ Myers are whining about the same thing: Mehta: In an amusing new ad for Norway’s postal service — one that you’d never see replicated in the United States — a mail carrier delivers a … Continue reading

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Jesus Mythicist of 2020. And the winner is……..

Let’s have a look at the funniest Atty: Jesus Mythicist of 2020 As the lack of evidence for a ‘son of god’ gains traction in the public consciousness, authors and academics have boldly expressed the idea that maybe Jesus did not even … Continue reading

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Walking Back the Attys

Last week we had some fun with this Anti-Theist International’s description of their own atheist awards, the Attys.  What are the Attys?  According to their web page… The Atty Awards are probably the most prestigious Awards in the Atheist Community … Continue reading

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Are Children Running the International Anti-Theist Convention?

Given that the International Anti-Theist Convention will feature such Intellectual Giants as Richard Dawkins, Lawrence Krauss and Stephen Law, I had to look more closely into it.  In other words, I read their web page.  But in doing so, I … Continue reading

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Atheist Activists Fight Over Another Conference

Those activist atheists are at it again.  After many previous failed attempts, they are trying to recapture the glory days of New Atheism and put together another…..conference.  This one is supposed to be called “The Anti-Theist International Convention.”  Since my … Continue reading

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Atheist activists proudly proclaim “there are no gods” (and drop the whole “lack of belief” handwaving)

We previously saw that the view of atheism as being merely a lack of belief in God/gods doesn’t make much sense when you consider a few questions born of critical thinking.  But there is another problem with this view – … Continue reading

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Another Epstein – Atheism Connection

Name – Al Seckel. He was a con man who fooled the skeptic/scientific community into thinking he was both a physicist and neuroscientist when he was neither. And it turns out the guy moved freely among the “intellectual elite,” was … Continue reading

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Social Justice Atheists are Outraged Again

Time for more red-faced outrage from the social justice atheists.  Activist Hemant Mehta says: Last week, New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees filmed a relatively innocuous commercial for a religious organization urging kids to bring their bibles to school. The … Continue reading

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The PZ Myers/Epstein Connection

In a previous posting, we saw a group picture of John Brockman with atheists Dawkins, Dennett, and Pinker aboard Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet. They were flying to a conference where Dawkins would give birth to the New Atheist movement with … Continue reading

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