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Atheist Activists Use Junk Science to Claim Victim Status

In today’s post-Christian world, various groups compete with each other to be known as the most “victimized.”  This makes sense.  For being perceived as a “victim” is a way of acquiring power.  The more you can come across as a … Continue reading

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A Growing Theme Among the Winners of the Richard Dawkins Award

We might soon be able to add to the Atheist Activist Scorecard, as atheist (and winner of the Richard Dawkins Award) Bill Maher has been accused of whispering a sexually crude comment to actress Rose McGowen.  I don’t think it … Continue reading

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Atheist activist upset that Christians helped Covid-19 patients.

Hemant Mehta, the atheist activist/propagandist who makes money off spreading anti-Christian hate, is as it again.  This time he is complaining about Franklin Graham‘s tent hospital in Central Park that was working under the charity Samaritan’s Purse. Mehta is forced … Continue reading

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Once again, atheists fooled by a hoax

When it comes to the atheist activist types, I think the majority of them are truly motivated by a hatred of religious people and they  try to hide this hate by pretending to be doing nothing more than defending “reason” … Continue reading

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Dawkins, Religion, Atheism, and Viruses

A new low from Richard Dawkins: The virus of religion does its bit to help spread the other pernicious virus that threatens us all:https://t.co/iXSpIXwLHqhttps://t.co/KhsZ24eYOWhttps://t.co/AjkXuJyz0S — Richard Dawkins (@RichardDawkins) March 21, 2020 Is Dawkins oblivious to the fact that the tables … Continue reading

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The Great 2020 Atty Mystery

Earlier, I noted that the Jesus Mythicist of 2020 award could turn out to be most entertaining.  Instead, It has become the most mysterious.  First, it’s pretty obvious that the award was designed for Carrier.  But then comes the mystery … Continue reading

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Excitement in the Air

The atheist community must be tingling with excitement as in less than a month, the long awaited Anti-Theist conference will begin!   Speakers, awards, banquets, and yet more awards.  And of course…..The Dawk. Dawkins is getting an award too: Richard Dawkins will … Continue reading

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When Activists Exploit the Mentally Ill

Over at the “Friendly” Atheist blog, activist Hemant Mehta is once again peddling his anti-Christian propaganda. He writes a short click-bait posting entitled, “Watch This Christian Lady Swear Up a Storm While Preaching at Walmart Customers” and says: Imagine you … Continue reading

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An Atheist Ritual

A couple of years ago, I wrote: What we’re probably witnessing is a transition stage.  The hardcore naturalistic atheism that blurs into scientism is largely favored by the old atheists who are soon to pass away.  Think of it as dinosaur … Continue reading

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Norwegian Government Mocks Religious Minority

Atheist activists Hemant Mehta and PZ Myers are whining about the same thing: Mehta: In an amusing new ad for Norway’s postal service — one that you’d never see replicated in the United States — a mail carrier delivers a … Continue reading

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