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Militant Atheist Murders Christian Because of Her Views About Marriage

Here’s a news story that has not received much attention: The 25-year-old Daniel E. was sentenced to life in prison by a court in Freiburg on Monday for killing his Christian student flatmate last August in a crime ruled to … Continue reading

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Good Without God, Part 2

The community of atheist activists, who are constantly and self-righteously judging religion as evil, seem to be plagued with some very serious and persistent ethical problems.  First there were the accusations of embezzlement associated with Richard Dawkins Foundation, then the … Continue reading

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Good without God

The core message of atheist activism is that the world would be a better place without religion.  At best, this message is wishful thinking.  We can know this because we have an example of a community without religion – the … Continue reading

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Reason Rally Loses Depp

The second installment of the “Reason” rally lost its key speaker – Johnny Depp. Depp, along with his wife Amber Heard who was also scheduled to be a voice of “reason,” cancelled their appearances, probably because they are going through a … Continue reading

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Dawkins Co-opts the Skeptics

Have you heard that Richard Dawkin’s organization has merged with the Center For Inquiry, a secular humanist organization?  What’s interesting is that Dawkin’s organization appears to be taking control of the CFI: The new organization will retain the Center for … Continue reading

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