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Democratic Party Becoming More and More Authoritarian

According to recent survey results, Democrats are more likely to favor authoritarian rule than the rest of the American public: 55% of Democratic voters would support a proposal for federal or state governments to fine Americans who choose not to … Continue reading

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Why I Oppose the Vaccine Mandate

Simple. Covid is not deadly enough to merit such authoritarianism. Not even close. If you suppost the vaccine mandate, it is likely because a) covid terrifies you and/or b) you admire authoritarianism, as long as it imposes your mindset on … Continue reading

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Atheist Unhinged

Atheist activist PZ Myers continues to unhinge as his atheist brain drifts closer than half way to Crazy Town.  Consider his wild-eyed, frenzied “proposals” for making the United States a better place: Shut down 8chan. Arrest anyone who tries to … Continue reading

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How Reliable is The Political Compass?

Jerry Coyne took one of those internet surveys put out by The Political Compass. It scored Coyne as a “Leftist Libertarian.”   Coyne writes: Well, I’m pretty Left, where is where I thought I’d be, and I’m glad to see I’m more … Continue reading

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More on the Authoritarian Nature of New Atheism

We have further evidence of the authoritarian nature of modern day atheism.   Here’s a video of a semi-popular 17-year-old Gnu sharing the wisdom of a 17-year-old Gnu.  What does this new generation of Gnus have in store for us? At … Continue reading

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Militant Atheism on Display

Madalyn Murray O’Hair, the militant atheist who attended Socialist Workers Party meetings and later attempted to defect to the Soviet Union, was someone who championed taxing churches. Today, her cause is being taken up by a new strain of militant … Continue reading

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