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Atheists Behaving Badly

As many of us know, a favorite tactic of the atheist blogosphere is to cherry pick stories that put religion, or religious people, in a bad light. A constant, steady stream of such stories helps them to maintain and propagate … Continue reading

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Angry Atheist

Warning: this video is saturated with angry swearing

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Atheist state continues to threaten war

According to wiki: “North Korea is officially an atheist state in which much of the population is nonreligious.” This atheist state has used science to acquire nuclear weapons and is now threatening war. From CBS News: North Korea is urging … Continue reading

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Atheist thinks bankrupt solar company makes cars

Yes, I know. Gnus are the smartest people alive. We can tell this because they don’t believe in God. That’s because there is no evidence for God and really smart people only go with the evidence. That’s what makes Gnus … Continue reading

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Atheist Tries to Blow Up Bridge

You have probably heard on the news by now that five members of the Occupy protest movement were arrested for trying to detonate bombs under a bridge in Cleveland. Well, as far as we can tell at the moment, at … Continue reading

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