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Goldilocks and Evidence for Christian Theism

Let me provide what I consider to be a significant piece of evidence for the truth of Christian theism. It all begins with the Goldilocks Principle.  Wikipedia describes it as follows: The Goldilocks principle is named by analogy to the … Continue reading

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The Social Justice Movement and Christians: A Comparison

We have seen how SocJus, an secular religion, behaves when they become aware of dissenting views being expressed in their midst (here and here).  Let’s compare their behavior to how Christians have behaved in a similar setting. The year is … Continue reading

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The Head Fake

So what if Jesus was to reappear on Earth and, in a well documented manner, did things like heal amputees?  In other words, what if God did as the atheists demand and they get their sensational, miraculous, unexplainable gaps?  What next? Atheists … Continue reading

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Three Levels of Confusion

Jerry Coyne has convinced himself science and religion are incompatible at three different levels. Yet what we truly have are three levels of confusion on the part of Coyne. Coyne writes: In my view, the real conflict acts on three … Continue reading

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More Bad Science and Bad Theology from Sam Harris

Sam Harris, when recently interviewed by salon.com, raised his tired old “zero-sum contest” claims about religion and science: But we shouldn’t lie about the zero-sum contest between reason and faith—and, therefore, between science and religion. There first thing to note … Continue reading

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David Wood’s Conversion To Christianity

I encourage you to watch this personal testimony from David Wood: The story resonates with my own experience (although my own experience was nowhere near as extreme). What’s significant to me is the common theme among Christian conversions and their … Continue reading

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Resource About New Atheism

I put together a blog entry entitled “New Atheism in the Dock” to collect essays that people might find of use when encountering common New Atheist arguments or assertions. I’ve also linked to it in the Blogroll for easy access for … Continue reading

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No need for redemption?

Michael Aus is apparently someone who has gone from fundamentalist Christian to fundamentalist Atheist. He has convinced himself that acceptance of evolution must entail a denial of Christianity. Here is the argument that has apparently convinced him: “Which core doctrines … Continue reading

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The Debate That Never Was

Apparently, there was going to be a debate between atheist JT Eberhard and cl, the author of the blog, the warfare is mental.  These two had a series of email exchanges in an attempt to set up the rules prior … Continue reading

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Dawkins Meets God

CNN: If there were a God that met you after death, what would you say? Dawkins: If I met God, in the unlikely event, after I died? The first thing I would say is, well, which one are you? Are … Continue reading

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