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Why Would Anyone Trust a Critical Race “Theorist?”

An article recently appeared in Politico entitled, “I’ve Been a Critical Race Theorist for 30 Years. Our Opponents Are Just Proving Our Point For Us.” Excellent.  A critical race “theorist.”  His name is Gary Peller and he “teaches constitutional law … Continue reading

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Teachers Cling to Their Critical Race Cartoon

Critical race “theorists” like to complain their “theory” is being misrepresented by the skeptics.  For that reason, let’s focus on what CRT proponents want to teach children.  That way, there should be no complaints about misrepresentation. The Zinn Education Project … Continue reading

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Critical Race Cartoonists

As I have argued before, critical race theory is not a theory.   Meaning that critical race theorists are not truly theorists.  So what are they?  I propose that there are instead critical race cartoonists.  Why?  Because they create a simplistic … Continue reading

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Critical race theory: “All White people are racist!”

 Further evidence of the extremist, radicalized essence of critical race “theorists”: Brandeis University assistant dean Kate Slater says that “all White people are racist” and has declared that she hates “whiteness.” “Yes, all White people are racist in that all … Continue reading

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Critical Race Theory is Not a Theory

What is critical race theory?   According to Politifact, “Critical race theory isn’t one set thing, but more a changing package of ideas.”  Also, “Critical race theory is a collection of ideas about systemic bias and privilege.” In other words, critical … Continue reading

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Week of Reason: Atheist Abandons Reason and Science to Defend Critical Race Theory

Over at his blog, social justice atheist PZ Myers posted an entry entitled, “Why are you afraid of critical race theory?” Myers is responding to a Washington Post story that tries to make it look like there is something wrong … Continue reading

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