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Evolution Fails to Support the Argument from Evil

Many years ago, Jason Rosenhouse argued with Michael Ruse, trying to show that evolution somehow amplifies the argument from evil.  Yet he failed. Rosenhouse introduced Ruse’s argument as follows: After quoting Darwin, who plainly did think that the general awfulness … Continue reading

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Theistic evolution makes sense

Jerry Coyne recently posted an article which was supposed to contain slam-dunk arguments against theistic evolution. Let’s have a look. And why did God use evolution instead of creationism to bring humans into being? It’s no good for theists to … Continue reading

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Dawkins Gets Poe’d Yet Again

Richard Dawkins likes to retweet.  For example, on Dec 12, he retweeted himself: “Shouldn’t we all be taught to doubt, to weigh up plausibility and to demand evidence?” –@RichardDawkins pic.twitter.com/9Xbn6hRQfm — The Four Horsemen (@_Four_Horsemen) December 12, 2015 What’s hilarious … Continue reading

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Proteins and Evolution

In my previous essay about proteins-as-design-material, I noted: This all raises some interesting questions. For example, without proteins, and their manufacturing process, what becomes of the blind watchmaker? Without proteins, and the latent functions contained within, might not the blind … Continue reading

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Misusing Evolution As Part of an Agenda

According to the New Atheists, atheism is supposed to follow from evolutionary theory. Activist Jerry Coyne does a nice job summarizing the Gnu thinking on this issue, asserting that evolution has “implications” that point away from theism. Let’s take a … Continue reading

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Richard Dawkins Wants a “truly anti-Darwinian society”

Recent quotes from Richard Dawkins: “Study your Darwinism for two reasons: because it explains why you’re here, and the second reason is, study your Darwinism in order to learn what to avoid in setting up society. What we need is … Continue reading

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Because of Us

A huge obstacle in reconciling Darwinian evolution and orthodox Christianity is as follows: Darwinian evolution entails that chance plays a central part of our history, as random variations provide the material for selection to cull. So deeply ingrained is the … Continue reading

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Stenger Misses the Target

Victor Stenger writes:  Tegmark and his colleagues didn’t ask the right questions. Or, at least, they should have defined evolution better for their respondents. As I reported in a Huffpost blog on October 6, 2012 titled “Is Evolution Compatible With … Continue reading

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Hurricanes, evolution, and atheism

Surprise, surprise.  Atheist activist Jerry Coyne tries to exploit the recent hurricane tragedy to score points for his atheist agenda: This, of course, gives atheists the chance to once again note that natural evils don’t comport with most people’s idea … Continue reading

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Mystery Solved

One thing that genuinely perplexes me is why Michael Ruse advocates an argument about God and evolution that is vastly inferior to the one I raised. It is vastly inferior in the sense that is mistakenly treats God as a … Continue reading

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