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Netherlands Euthanizes Depressed Teen Girl

More post-Christian enlightenment: A 17-year-old Dutch girl was legally allowed to kill herself using euthanasia after she was raped when younger and spent years battling depression, according to a report Tuesday. I can understand assisted suicide for elderly people suffering … Continue reading

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Gnutopia in flames?

The New Atheists have long scolded we Americans, telling us we need to be more like the enlightened Western Europeans.  Take France, for example.  According to Wiki, it’s about 40% atheists and agnostics, 30% pagan/New Age, and 30% theist (where … Continue reading

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Gnutopia and Incest

From here: Incest between siblings and necrophilia should be legalised, a branch of the Swedish Liberal People’s Party has argued. The Stockholm branch of the party’s youth wing (LUF) voted on the controversial motion at its annual meeting on Sunday. It called for the … Continue reading

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Determinism: Delusions and The Hive

Some painter named Raoul Martinez doesn’t want to be held responsible for his choices and actions.  He lays out the standard case for determinism in one of those slick little youtube infomercials: What’s interesting to note about this form of … Continue reading

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Irony Alert

The New Atheists have long told us that we all need to become more like Denmark.  We’re told places like Denmark are more culturally advanced because they are more atheistic. Well…..did you hear about the Danish man who videoed himself burning … Continue reading

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Sweden Can’t Defend Itself

Check this out: A couple of decades ago, Sweden had a strong military. Its air force was one of the capable in the world, its navy had dozens of ships and submarines, and artillery guarded the coastlines from a multitude … Continue reading

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A World Without Religion Doesn’t Look So Good

A common theme of the New Atheist narrative is the belief the world would be a much better place without religion. This belief is connected to the New Atheist’s extreme perceptions of religion as “one of the world’s greatest evils.” … Continue reading

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Leading Atheist Becomes Disillusioned with New Atheist Movement

PZ Myers has long been one of the leaders in the New Atheist movement. Back in September, he started to come to terms with the inevitable failure of creating some Gnu Untopia. Myers wrote: I’ve been writing about atheism for … Continue reading

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Cracks in Gnutopia?

On a recent Sunday, my family and I only showed up 10 minutes early for Mass. That meant we had to sit in fold-out chairs in the spillover room, where the Mass is relayed on a large TV screen. During … Continue reading

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Trouble in Gnutopia

From “godless” France: A backdrop to the massacre in Paris on Wednesday by self-professed al Qaeda terrorists is that city officials have increasingly ceded control of heavily Muslim neighborhoods to Islamists, block by block. France has Europe’s largest population of … Continue reading

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