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Blocked By a Rabbi

And then she blocked me. I don’t think I said anything that merits such a shut down. Then again, my point does seem to cause her point to collapse like a house of cards,

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The Atheist’s Delusion

Over at his blog, social justice atheist PZ Myers tries to explain what atheism is. He unknowingly acknowledges that modern day atheism is built on the god of the gaps logic: We’ve had the successes of science to undermine belief … Continue reading

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Week of Reason: Humanists Give Up on Reason

Ah yes, the National Day of Reason. It amuses me that the atheists/humanist use propaganda to promote reason.  It is as if they are not honest about their supposed love of reason.  In fact, a huge promoter of this Day … Continue reading

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More Friendly Atheist Hypocrisy

I wanted to post this before it fades from my memory.  As you know, Hemant Metha, who calls himself the “Friendly Atheist,” has been publicly attacking Richard Dawkins because of Dawkins’ tweet.  According to Hemant and the social justice crowd, … Continue reading

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Is the American Humanist Association anti-Semitic?

The American Humanist Association likes to promote itself with the slogan, “Good Without A God.” But alas, it doesn’t appear the AHA can live up to that slogan.  Any organization that promotes anti-Semites and eugenicists cannot be considered “good” by … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Shootings

On March 16th, a series of shootings occurred at various Atlanta massage parlors that seemed to excite social justice atheists Hemant Mehta and PZ Myers.  I got this impression because both internet activists found themselves blogging about this numerous times … Continue reading

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Social Justice Atheists in a Dilemma

Hatemonger Hemant Mehta is upset: I mentioned a few weeks ago that Scotland was on the verge of banning the “crime” of blasphemy. The nation had proposed a new Hate Crimes Bill, designed to modernize the law, that included a … Continue reading

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Atheist activist upset that Christians helped Covid-19 patients.

Hemant Mehta, the atheist activist/propagandist who makes money off spreading anti-Christian hate, is as it again.  This time he is complaining about Franklin Graham‘s tent hospital in Central Park that was working under the charity Samaritan’s Purse. Mehta is forced … Continue reading

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Atheist Embraces Magic

Atheists love to mock Christians as people who believe in a “Sky Daddy.”  But with the new and upcoming generation of atheists, such mockery is looking more and more hypocritical.  Consider the atheists who embrace some, shall we say, unusual, … Continue reading

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LGBT Activists Attack Catholic School

Have no fear.  Social Justice Warrior Hemant Mehta is here: Last week, two teachers at Kennedy Catholic High School, just outside of Seattle, Washington, were fired due to their same-sex relationships. It’s not all that surprising. That’s what Catholic schools … Continue reading

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