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Ignoring the Outmoded

Here’s a video where atheist Lawrence Krauss talks about religion from his hostile perspective.  I hope to address various points that he raises in the future, but for now, I’d like to focus on his basic point from 1:50 – … Continue reading

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Jerry Coyne Officially Disassociates Himself from Lawrence Krauss

It sure looks like Lawrence Krauss has no allies.  From Jerry Coyne: After that article appeared, I did some digging on my own, and came up with three cases that have convinced me that Krauss engaged in sexual predation of … Continue reading

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Sam Harris Speaks About Lawrence Krauss on his Podcast

Points worth noting: Harris’s explanation for not talking about the allegations during the event with Matt Dillahunty makes sense. Like Krauss, Harris tries to characterize the Buzzfeed article as an attack on atheism.  Is he trying to blame religion and … Continue reading

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Is it Finished?

First, the Richard Dawkins Foundation and Center for Inquiry suspend their association with Lawrence Krauss.  Then, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists asks him to resign. Then ASU puts him on paid leave.  The Origin Project’s ten year anniversary has … Continue reading

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On the Ropes?

Major development with Lawrence Krauss: Arizona State University professor Lawrence Krauss, internationally known as an outspoken atheist and for his work on the symbolic “Doomsday Clock,” has been put on paid leave by university officials after allegations of sexual misconduct … Continue reading

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Lawrence Krauss and the Elephant in the Room

I’ve noticed that many people are trying to dismiss the Buzzfeed story about Lawrence Krauss as gossip, hearsay, and unverified accusations.  But people seem to be ignoring the elephant in the room – Krauss was barred from Case Western Reserve … Continue reading

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Current Events Quiz

It has been five days since the Buzzfeed article has come out and Lawrence Krauss has yet to provide an official response.  Why has he been so quiet? a.) Richard Dawkins has instructed him to keep his mouth shut. b.) … Continue reading

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The Irony

It’s ironic to watch Lawrence Krauss be deplatformed when it is quite likely that Krauss himself deplatformed someone else a few years back: The annual Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate is the American Museum of Natural History’s biggest public event, drawing … Continue reading

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The Friendly Atheist and Lawrence Krauss

There was an interesting excerpt from the Buzzfeed article: A few allegations about Krauss made their way onto skeptic blogs, but were quickly taken down in fear of legal action. So for years, these stories have stayed inside whisper networks … Continue reading

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Are Social Justice Atheists Systematically Deplatforming Lawrence Krauss?

It sure looks like the “Friendly Atheist” is going after New Atheist Lawrence Krauss.  When his blog originally linked to the Buzzfeed story, Hemant Mehta did more than simply draw attention to it.  He clearly chooses sides and implements an … Continue reading

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