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New Atheist “Scholar” Raked Over the Coals

Tim O’Neill wrote a scorching analysis of Carrier’s fringe notion that everything Josephus wrote about Jesus was entirely a latter Christian interpolation. Y’gotta love how O’Neill begins his essay, as it perfectly captures the essence of Carrier: It seems I’ve done … Continue reading

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Mythers vs. Sam Harris

Instead of complaining that mainstream scholars don’t embrace Mytherism, the Mythers should be concerned that they have yet to convince all the New Atheists. Over at Amazon.com, Harris’s spirituality book is promoted as follows: Waking Up is for the twenty percent … Continue reading

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The Problem With Mythers

The Mythers have a problem – the community of mainstream scholars is not impressed by their arguments and claims.  The problem is made worse in that the Mythers have been peddling their case for over a century now.  So it’s … Continue reading

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New Atheist Leader Comes Out as a Myther

On April 17th, Jerry Coyne wrote: I’m pretty much of the opinion that there’s no strong evidence for the claim that Jesus was a historical person around whom the Jesus myths (obviously false) accreted. In other words, I’m a mythicist. … Continue reading

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Arguing with a Gnu

Thom Stark completes his devastating rebuttal of Richard Carrier’s crank views about Jewish messianic beliefs (which are tied to the crank mytherist position).  Below are some choice excerpts that help illustrate the larger picture concerning Carrier’s tactics and handling of … Continue reading

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Looking for an article….

Andrew Vella has been looking for one of Richard Carrier’s articles since 2010.  He wrote: I wanted to read some peer reviewed journal articles by him. I am after one that for the life of me I can not find, … Continue reading

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Stark Cold-Cocks Carrier

Just one of the problems for Richard Carrier’s crackpot non-historicity views about Jesus is that they must account for the fact that some 1st century Jews came to believe that their Messiah would suffer and die rather come as a … Continue reading

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Hoffmann Cold-Cocks Mythers

R. Joseph Hoffmann has written an excellent and truly thought-provoking essay entitled, The Jesus Process: A Consultation on the Historical Jesus.   He was clearly motivated to write this in response to the way the Gnu atheists and Richard Carrier tried … Continue reading

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Carrier is Dissected

If you interested in the ongoing debate between the Mythers and Gnus vs. those who accept mainstream scholarship, you should be reading Albert McIlhenny’s series of postings that are systematically debunking the claims of Richard Carrier. As a taste, here … Continue reading

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