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The Rambow Effect: How Moderate Views Fuel Extremism

Henry Rambow wrote an article which essentially regurgitates Sam Harris’s argument about religious moderates being blamed for the existence of extreme religious fundamentalists. Like Harris, Rambow approaches the whole issue with incredible tunnel vision.  He seems oblivious to the fact that … Continue reading

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Dawkins’ New Book Spreads Misinformation

George Heath-Whyte is a PhD Assyriology Student who posted a series of tweets about Richard Dawkins’ new book.  Heath-Whyte writes, “as an Assyriologist I’ve had a couple of major face-palms moments.”  You can read the whole thread starting here.  My … Continue reading

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Dawkins: Blast From the Past

I see that Richard Dawkins is trying to make a comeback.   Today in the US, his newest book is being published – Outgrowing God.  It’s Dawkins’ second book on atheism and this one is supposed to be aimed at younger … Continue reading

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Steven Pinker and Jeffrey Epstein

When the photo of Steven Pinker and his fellow atheists riding on Jeffrey Epstein’s private plane surfaced, Pinker responded on Twitter on July 10,2019: I have no relationship with Epstein & have taken no funding from him. Our circles have … Continue reading

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Jeffrey Epstein and New Atheism

Check out this photograph: What do these four men all have in common?  They are all atheists.  It is well known that Pinker, Dennett, and Dawkins are New Atheists.  As for Brockman, he is a literary agent and friend of … Continue reading

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Jeffrey Epstein’s Determinism

When I get some time, I’d like to take a closer look at pedophile/sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein and New Atheism.  But for the time being, I’ll just briefly point to some relevant articles.  Let’s start with  this article: Many contributions … Continue reading

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Getting it Wrong

Ten years (plus two days) ago to this date, Jerry Coyne attacked Francis Collins, opposing his nomination to head the NIH: I am funded by the NIH, and I’m worried. Not about my own funding (although I’m a heathen cultural … Continue reading

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God of the Gaps Atheism

The militant atheist movement is built on the belief that there is no evidence for God. Of course, such atheists are entitled to their opinions on this matter, but because of their militancy, and the way it serves their agenda, … Continue reading

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Hey Max Boot, Here’s Why I Would Be Unlikely to Vote for an Unapologetic Atheist

Atheist Max Boot wrote an article for the Washington Post complaining that people won’t vote for an atheist for President. Boot offers up the typical, self-serving argument about how atheists are victims: Atheists are looked down upon because of the … Continue reading

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Defeating Sam Harris’s Argument about Science and Religion

I thought I would take some time to look at some of the “classic” New Atheist essays where they assert the incompatibility of science and religion. Today, I will look at Sam Harris’s essay, “Science Must Destroy Religion.” Harris quickly … Continue reading

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