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Secular Faith

In the following video, AOC outlines her vision of the future – an example of naive, wishful thinking.  A wondrous future (that she, of course, helped to usher in) where ex-oil workers disassemble pipe lines for the “same pay and … Continue reading

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The Unwilling to Work Crowd

Now that the social justice types have exposed their wild-eyed extremism by insisting that people who are unwilling to work are deserving of “economic security,” they have been trying to walk this back somewhat. First, they do what activists do … Continue reading

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The Green New Delusion

Wow. I had no idea that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was that kooky.  But her latest “Green New Deal” that has been in the news all day here in the States is rooted in insanity.  This is the problem when people replace … Continue reading

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The End is Near

The apocalyptic dimension to the social justice religion has always been evident – “do as we say, or the apocalypse will come” – but the latest from the nutty Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wins the prize for Crazy Talk: “Millennials and people, … Continue reading

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