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Democratic Party Becoming More and More Authoritarian

According to recent survey results, Democrats are more likely to favor authoritarian rule than the rest of the American public: 55% of Democratic voters would support a proposal for federal or state governments to fine Americans who choose not to … Continue reading

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The Radical Left is Dumb

LOL. Keep blaming your failed, losing ways on….racism. Of course, given the intellectual limitations of the Woke crowd, they don’t really have anything else to bring to the table. Just more accusations of the same old, tired ad hominem attacks. … Continue reading

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Hey! Teacher! Leave Them Kids Alone!

Picking up from where I last left off…… A former New Hampshire high school teacher who pleaded guilty to human trafficking and manufacturing child sex abuse images was sentenced to prison on Tuesday. – Here A Southwest Alaska teacher is … Continue reading

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The Democratic Party Has Become a Party of Far Left Extremists

I’ve been posting on this blog for over ten years now. And during all that time, I have rarely commented on political matters. But that is becoming increasingly difficult to do. Why? The Democratic Party is well on the way … Continue reading

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President Biden Lied

From Politico: Top generals told lawmakers under oath on Tuesday that they advised President Joe Biden early this year to keep several thousand troops in Afghanistan — directly contradicting the president’s comments in August that no one warned him not … Continue reading

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President Biden Attacks American People

I suppose we should not be surprised. President Biden got 13 American soldiers killed all because he insisted on a panicked rush for the door out of Afghanistan. And if that was not bad enough, this president abandoned 100’s of … Continue reading

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Biden Does Not Know How Many Americans are in Afghanistan

More Horrific Incompetence: The White House on Friday was still unable to say how many Americans remained stranded in Afghanistan, while appearing to describe the situation on the ground in Kabul as more dire than senior administration officials have acknowledged … Continue reading

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Horrific Incompetence Continues

From the Washington Post: “National security officials in the Biden administration told a bipartisan group of Senate staffers on Tuesday that about 10,000 to 15,000 U.S. citizens remain in Afghanistan, according to two Senate aides. During a time of crisis … Continue reading

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Horrific Incompetence

One can only marvel at the idiocy and horrific incompetence of the Biden administration as it continues to screw up its exit from Afghanistan. I was going to say it looks like amateurs are in charge, but then realized amateurs … Continue reading

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Why Does China Act Like the Lab Leak Hypothesis Is True?

As I mentioned before, I have not looked into the origin of COVID-19, but there are two macro-facts that cause me to suspect the “lab leak” hypothesis might be true. First, it has always been quite the coincidence to have … Continue reading

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