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Atheist Swingers

Looks like atheist activist Richard Carrier is not the only one into swinging. From Newsweek: Silicon Valley star Thomas Middleditch has made a surprising confession—that he and wife Mollie Gates are swingers. Middleditch, who has been married four years, said … Continue reading

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Polyamory and Camp Quest

So what triggered the implosion of one of Polyamory’s leading champions? From what I can tell, back on June 10th, an announcement appeared on Richard Carrier’s FaceBook page stating that he started working at Camp Quest.  Carrier has since claimed … Continue reading

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Polyamory Gone Wild

We have learned that the world’s leading Myther and outspoken feminist, well-known for scolding other New Atheist leaders for their sexual conduct, has himself been accused of sexual harassment.So serious are the accusations that Carrier has been banned from future … Continue reading

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Yet another Social Justice Atheist Accused of Sexual Misconduct

Richard Carrier, the internet blogger who sells himself as some type of leading scholar and champion of feminism, has been accused of sexual harrassment by multiple victims.  When the The FtB Ethics Committee began reviewing  some of these accusations, Carrier … Continue reading

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