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Postmodern, Postchristian Enlightenment


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Waking Up to the Woke Threat to Science

I have long thought that the intellect of Richard Dawkins was vastly over-rated.  For example, in 2018, Dawkins wanted to move to New Zealand because of his reliance on superficial thinking: The British scientist Richard Dawkins has said he would … Continue reading

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Drag Queen Story Hour Promotes Pedophilia

I’m shocked: The “Drag Queen Story Hour U.K.” Twitter account recently posted a tweet that many users deemed pedophilic. The group subsequently deleted the tweet and locked their account after pushback.

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Atheism, Social Justice, and the Id

Previously I noted how the thinking of a typical social justice advocate seems to be rooted in subjectivity and emotion.  I think this insight helps us to better understand the social justice crowd, but I think we can also dive … Continue reading

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Why the Left Will Lose to the Extreme Left

Helen Pluckrose  once wrote an article entitled, HOW FRENCH “INTELLECTUALS” RUINED THE WEST: POSTMODERNISM AND ITS IMPACT, EXPLAINED.  Pluckrose is “a researcher in the humanities who focuses on late medieval/early modern religious writing for and about women.   She is critical … Continue reading

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The Post-Christian World is Full of Elves

Kimberel Eventide speaks to GMB about identifying as a trans-species elf and explains what it means to be an ‘otherkin’: My favorite part is around 2:22, when the female journalist says she doesn’t want to insult the elf because she … Continue reading

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Human Pups

Ah yes, the fruits of post-modern enlightenment.  People think they are dogs: LOL.  If you’d only abandon your iron age beliefs, you too could become part of such an enlightened world. Exit question: Do these dog people engage in bestiality?

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When Mass Murder Becomes Activism

I’m sure you have heard about the New Zealand shooting by now.  It is yet another horrible atrocity, but this time, I did watch the video and did read the killer’s manifesto.  There is something very creepy about it all.  … Continue reading

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Has Extraterrestrial Intelligence Been Discovered?

From this article: Jareth Nebula might live on earth but he firmly believes he belongs on another planet. The 33-year-old, who was born a woman but transitioned to become a man when he was 29, now believes he doesn’t fit … Continue reading

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Trans Radicalism

Helen Joyce wrote an excellent article on radical transgender activism/ideology.  While the article is long, it is definitely worth the read, as Joyce calmly and intelligently covers several important facets of this issue. It has become clear to me that … Continue reading

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