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The Dumb Atheist

Atheist PZ Myers is baffled: What baffles me, though, is that after that silly rant misinterpreting DNA to distort it into support for the author’s weird hatred of gay and trans folk, he announces that DNA is bogus and fake, … Continue reading

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PZ Myers Was Denied Tenure

PZ Myers posted a video gloating about Peter Boghossian’s resignation from academia.  In another posting, I’d like to speak about Boghossian’s resignation, but for now, focus on what PZ Myers admits at 3:10 in the video – PZ Myers was … Continue reading

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More Lies From the Atheist Professor

Atheist professor, PZ Myers, has a blog entry entitled, “Anti-vaxxers are murdering children.”  Note how easy it was for the atheist to lie.  Please.  Anti-vaxxers are not out there “murdering children.”  Stop it. Maybe the atheist professor thinks otherwise because … Continue reading

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Who Needs Reason When You Got Emotion?

One of the problems with embracing social justice ideology is that it tends to turn a brain into mush.   Consider social justice atheist, PZ Myers. On June 25, Myers posted a short blog entry critical of a pagan who thinks … Continue reading

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The PZ Myers/Epstein Connection

In a previous posting, we saw a group picture of John Brockman with atheists Dawkins, Dennett, and Pinker aboard Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet. They were flying to a conference where Dawkins would give birth to the New Atheist movement with … Continue reading

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Over at his blog, PZ Myers posted about “The J-F Gariépy/Epstein connection.”  Myers writes: One among the long list of “scientists” sponsored by Jeffrey Epstein was, to my initial surprise, Jean-François Gariépy, but then after I thought about it, I realized … Continue reading

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To believe her or Not to believe her?

Sometimes it is hard for the social justice activists to determine which way the social justice winds are blowing.  When that happens, they find themselves in a dazed fog, being unsure when and where to place the outrage.  Case in … Continue reading

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Leading Atheist Becomes Disillusioned with New Atheist Movement

PZ Myers has long been one of the leaders in the New Atheist movement. Back in September, he started to come to terms with the inevitable failure of creating some Gnu Untopia. Myers wrote: I’ve been writing about atheism for … Continue reading

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Poetic Justice: Myers vs. Coyne

For those of you who don’t know PZ Myers, he is another Gnu activist who has a long history of attacking religious people. A standard attack would involve Myers posting a short blog entry that served as red meat for … Continue reading

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Jerry Coyne’s Blog Attacks PZ Myers

It looks like Jerry Coyne is trying to pick a fight with PZ Myers. A couple of weeks ago, Coyne was having something of a tantrum because most of his readers did not care about his once-in-awhile science postings: The … Continue reading

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