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The Irrational Sam Harris and Vaccines

Harris is an idiot. Yes, there is a huge fracture in society around the issues of vaccines. And you wanna know why it exists? It’s because people like Harris insisted on a vaccine mandate. People were forced to choose between … Continue reading

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Sam Harris Runs Away From Twitter

I have long known, and demonstrated through multiple postings over the years, that Sam Harris is VASTLY overrated as an intellect and is largely a media creation. For years, he has been trying to resurrect his public image among his … Continue reading

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Sam Harris Demonstrates the Atheist’s Problem with Morality

I have long noted that atheists have a problem with morality. No, it’s not the common claim that without belief in God, atheists will all become axe murderers. Their problem with morality is this – without belief in God, their … Continue reading

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How I Defeat Sam Harris’s Attack on Pascal’s Wager

Several years ago, Sam Harris set out to refute Pascal’s Wager in the pages of the Washington Post. Harris began as follows: The coverage of my recent debate in the pages of Newsweek began and ended with Jon Meacham and … Continue reading

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The Rambow Effect: How Moderate Views Fuel Extremism

Henry Rambow wrote an article which essentially regurgitates Sam Harris’s argument about religious moderates being blamed for the existence of extreme religious fundamentalists. Like Harris, Rambow approaches the whole issue with incredible tunnel vision.  He seems oblivious to the fact that … Continue reading

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Defeating Sam Harris’s Argument about Science and Religion

I thought I would take some time to look at some of the “classic” New Atheist essays where they assert the incompatibility of science and religion. Today, I will look at Sam Harris’s essay, “Science Must Destroy Religion.” Harris quickly … Continue reading

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When Sam Harris Finally Made Sense To Me

Sam Harris had always been something of a mystery to me. How so? Harris is one of the Four Horsemen, along with Dawkins, Hitchens, and Dennett. But something didn’t make sense. I knew who Dawkins was. I knew who Hitchens … Continue reading

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Witchcraft Atheism

We have seen that the type of atheism advocated by the New Atheists has become Dinosaur Atheism – a dying breed of atheism embraced mostly by old white men.  The new generation of woke atheists are instead embracing the occult … Continue reading

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Intellectual Honesty and Sam Harris

Sam Harris recently spoke of intellectual honesty: It’s a slightly misleading phrase because it’s not quite the same thing as honesty. It’s not to say that every instance of intellectual dishonesty is a case where somebody is lying. When you … Continue reading

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Sam Harris: Rape is not as bad as religion.

Consider just how radicalized Sam Harris is: Harris: I can be even more inflammatory than that. If I could wave a magic wand and get rid of either rape or religion, I would not hesitate to get rid of religion. … Continue reading

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