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Atheist Activists Selling their “Hate Mail” Again

About five years ago, Bonnie Weinstein, from the MRFF (an atheist activist group) wrote a book entitled, “To the Far Right Christian Hater … You Can Be a Good Speller or a Hater, But You Can’t Be Both: Official Hate … Continue reading

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Atheists and Ghosts

Atheist activist  David Mcafee writes: This weekend, I spoke at “Gateway to Reason,” an atheist convention in St. Louis. It was a large gathering of non-believers, including big names like Seth Andrews and David Smalley, but there was still something … Continue reading

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Skepticism Needed

Given the popularity of fake hate crimes, I think skepticism should be the default position when it comes to such reports being used to advance someone’s socio-political agenda. A good example of this is The Friendly Atheist blog, where activist … Continue reading

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Napkins and Skepticism

Let’s consider the mean-spirited note on the napkin allegedly left with a waitress.  If there is one phrase that accurately describes the note it would have to be “over the top.” The first thing I noticed is the impressive penmanship.  … Continue reading

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