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The Eavesdropping Waitress and the Insidious Side of “Social Justice.”

I wanted to take one more look at the eavesdropping, social justice waitress because I think that story nicely illustrates the insidious side of the social justice advocacy.  As I showed in my last posting, the best evidence to date … Continue reading

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Was the Eavesdropping Waitress Telling the Truth?

Over at the “Friendly Atheist” blog, the champions of social justice are at it again.  As Sarahbeth Caplan explains (in an October 16, 2019 posting), “Apparently, refusing to reward hate speech with your time is a fireable offense now.” My, … Continue reading

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Could this be the Social Justice Atheists’ Favorite Movie Scene?

The church is supposed to be from Kentucky and the people who attend oh so perfectly express common anti-Christian stereotypes and caricatures.   And more and more social justice types argue that violence is a valid means for bringing about social … Continue reading

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Social Justice Atheists are Outraged Again

Time for more red-faced outrage from the social justice atheists.  Activist Hemant Mehta says: Last week, New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees filmed a relatively innocuous commercial for a religious organization urging kids to bring their bibles to school. The … Continue reading

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Should PZ Myer’s Blog Be Banned?

CNN recently posted an aticle about the mass shooter from Dayton, Ohio: In addition, a Twitter account that appears to belong to Betts retweeted extreme left-wing and anti-police posts, as well as tweets supporting Antifa, or anti-fascist, protesters. The most … Continue reading

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Atheist Unhinged

Atheist activist PZ Myers continues to unhinge as his atheist brain drifts closer than half way to Crazy Town.  Consider his wild-eyed, frenzied “proposals” for making the United States a better place: Shut down 8chan. Arrest anyone who tries to … Continue reading

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The Friendly Atheist and Social Justice Fundamentalism

As mentioned before, popular atheist activist Hemant Mehta doubled down on his smear campaign against high school students who just happen to be Catholic. Mehta wrote: The investigation is over. A report has been issued into what happened when the … Continue reading

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What’s In a Face?

It’s become clear that atheist activist Hemant Mehta does not truly understand an evidence-based approach to reality.  Yes, it’s common for atheists like Mehta to posture about “the evidence,” but that’s all it is – posturing.  When you analyze Mehta’s … Continue reading

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Social Justice Atheists Continue to Fragment

Atheist feminist PZ Myers is now lashing out at atheist feminist Ophelia Benson.   It all started when Fiona Longmuir tweeted that people who are confused about trans rights need to “shut up and listen.” Benson carefully dissected this tweet on … Continue reading

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The Idiocy of Dr. Eric Sprankle

One of things I do enjoy about social media is how it causes members of academia to out themselves as intellectual lightweights.  Case in point – Dr. Eric Sprankle.  According to his web page: Dr. Eric Sprankle is an Associate … Continue reading

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