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A Two Spirit

This person identifies as “Two Spirit” and claims to have a “relationship” with her “divine masculine and divine feminine” spirits. Keep in mind, that according to the Woke, this is one of the identities we are all supposed to acknowledge, … Continue reading

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Concerned about Covid, Social Justice Atheists Beat Dog to Death

From CNN: A series of loud bangs startle the sleeping corgi, driving it out of its bed. The door opens and two people dressed in full hazmat suits enter the living room, one carrying a crowbar and another a yellow … Continue reading

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Social Justice Atheist Challenges Dorian Abbot with Questions. I answer them. Easily.

Social justice atheist PZ Myers lashed out at Dorian Abbot, a recent victim of the Cancel Culture.  Myers thinks he has some clever questions for Abbot.  So I couldn’t resist answering.

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Hemant Mehta Tries to Refute Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Let me repost a recent comment from Dhay: Ayaan Hirsi Ali is another who has condemned “The Biden administration’s cool, calculated and yet incompetent abandonment of the Afghan people…”, in her UnHerd article entitled, “Biden’s most heartless betrayal” and subtitled, “America cares … Continue reading

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The Atheist Keeps Getting Things Wrong

PZ Myers 2021. Speaking of Richard Carrier:   He’s an itinerant classics scholar who’d been living off his wife’s income (now divorced because he’d cheated on her multiple times, so that’s gone), who had latched on to the Jesus mythicism grift … Continue reading

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Snowflake Myers At It Again

I don’t know much about Steven Crowder, but I wanted to document yet another example of a social justice atheist demanding that differing viewpoints be banned: Why did YouTube allow Steven Crowder back on? Steven Crowder, the right-wing “comedian”, was … Continue reading

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Week of Reason: Atheist Abandons Reason and Science to Defend Critical Race Theory

Over at his blog, social justice atheist PZ Myers posted an entry entitled, “Why are you afraid of critical race theory?” Myers is responding to a Washington Post story that tries to make it look like there is something wrong … Continue reading

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More Friendly Atheist Hypocrisy

I wanted to post this before it fades from my memory.  As you know, Hemant Metha, who calls himself the “Friendly Atheist,” has been publicly attacking Richard Dawkins because of Dawkins’ tweet.  According to Hemant and the social justice crowd, … Continue reading

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Is the American Humanist Association anti-Semitic?

The American Humanist Association likes to promote itself with the slogan, “Good Without A God.” But alas, it doesn’t appear the AHA can live up to that slogan.  Any organization that promotes anti-Semites and eugenicists cannot be considered “good” by … Continue reading

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Sam Harris Mocks Humanists While Hemant Continues to Flail

While Hemant continues to flail: Hemant thinks his fellow atheists are making “right-wing” comments, but that’s only because Hemant is Far Left Extremist. When you are so far out there on the Left, everyone who disagrees with you looks right-wing. … Continue reading

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