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Drag Queen Story Hour Promotes Pedophilia

I’m shocked: The “Drag Queen Story Hour U.K.” Twitter account recently posted a tweet that many users deemed pedophilic. The group subsequently deleted the tweet and locked their account after pushback.

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Social Justice Activists Now Help Rapist Get Out of Prison

Social justice acivists are now helping rapists get out of jail.  See for yourself: The Minnesota Freedom Fund (MFF) received $35 million in donations in the wake of the police killing of George Floyd, with many of those donations intended … Continue reading

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Black Lives Matter Organizer Defends and Promotes Violence

Just a couple of days ago, I wrote: Given the widespread and persistent nature of this violence in the name of social justice, I can’t help but notice the lack of condemnations from the “peaceful protesters.”  For example, there are … Continue reading

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Social Justice and Violence

Given that so many social justice activists are unwilling to condemn the violence,  I suggested we consider the hypothesis that social justice ideology is inherently violent.   We can explore the logic in more detail later, but for now, here is … Continue reading

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Will Social Justice Activists Condemn the Violence?

Another day brings more and more violence from the social justice “peaceful protesters.” First, we have violent protesters in Chicago motivated by raw greeeeed: Thousands of people descended on Chicago overnight, looting stores, breaking windows and causing widespread damage on … Continue reading

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The Propagandistic Nature of “White Privilege”

In the past, I have established that the logic behind the accusations of “white privilege” just as easily supports accusations of secular privilege.  Yet those who advocate for the former resist the latter.  This is not surprising if the entire concept … Continue reading

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“Defund the Police” Exposed as a Kook Position

From Yahoo News: Most black Americans say they want police to continue their current presence in local areas, even as protests against racism and police brutality sweep the nation, and calls to reform and even defund police departments persist. Close … Continue reading

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How many protesters are closet racists?

First we have the white protester stabbing a black man in the back (yes, yet another example of a violent protester).   Then the “Wall of Moms” is accused of being racists.   Could it be that a significant number of protesters … Continue reading

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More Social Justice Violence

If we use protester logic, we are forced to conclude that Antifa and BLM “protesters” are violent people.  We have seen them abuse children to further their message and even kill children as part of their “protests.”  Now, we learn … Continue reading

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BLM Activist Abuses Two Year Old Child as Part of His Sick Activist Message

The moral depravity of social justice activists on display: An Ohio man who was out on parole has been thrown in jail and awaits new felony charges after a photo circulated on social media showing him posing with his knee to the neck of a crying, White … Continue reading

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