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Blocked By a Rabbi

And then she blocked me. I don’t think I said anything that merits such a shut down. Then again, my point does seem to cause her point to collapse like a house of cards,

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Ed Buck – a Woke Killer

If this guy was a conservative Christian, I think we all know just how much attention this would get from the atheist and Woke communities. So let me repay the favor: Ed Buck, once a fixture of West Hollywood’s political … Continue reading

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Vindictive Disney

I’m shocked to find a Hollywood producer would have two queer kids. Shocked. One is pansexual, but I don’t see the P in LGBTQIA. Bigots. Now, if you listen closely, she is basically talking about retaliation – because of the … Continue reading

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A Lesbian Student Tries to Justify Deplatforming Mike Pence. And Fails.

A few days before the student newspaper demanded that Mike Pence be deplatformed at the University of Virginia, a first year student named Elisabeth Bass had an opinion piece published by the same newspaper.  Bass is a first year student … Continue reading

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More Student Snowflakes Attack Free Speech

Check out this editorial from the student newspaper at the University of Virginia. The students are demanding the University deplatform Mike Pence because his speaking there actually threatens the lives of the students. Witness their brilliance: EDITORIAL: Dangerous rhetoric is … Continue reading

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LOL! In this woman’s defense, she did go to Harvard.

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And They Say Christians Are Delusional…..

If you try to follow the logic, this person is claiming millions of LGBT people will die because of Florida’s anti-grooming bill: Yes, because teachers are not allowed to “teach” about gender theory to five year old children, millions of … Continue reading

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Woke Activists Upet About Florida’s Anti-Grooming Bill

I know you will be shocked to learn that the Woke activists with an obsession about childhood sexuality are again lying: They call it the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, but it protects kids and parents from activist educators who see … Continue reading

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Atheist Denies Secular Privilege

Atheist Bruce Gerencser objected to my posting on secular privilege.   He starts off as follows: Yesterday, Michael, a Christian (Evangelical?) blogger who spends his days raging against atheism, wrote a post titled What is Secular Privilege? Here Are Ten Everyday … Continue reading

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Becoming Clear to Most that “Defund the Police” is a Crazed (or criminal), Crackpot Position

Sane, rational people saw this coming from the beginning: These recent developments have mostly gone unnoticed in the national media. Portland’s flirtation with political violence was given wall-to-wall coverage in the summer of 2020, but the media largely lost interest … Continue reading

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