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Sam Harris Saved by Ecstasy

Harris was asked: Was it the drug Ecstasy that opened up spirituality for you? And he replied: It definitely was. I wouldn’t call that the true experience of self-transcendence that is the focus of the book, but it was profoundly … Continue reading

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Sam Harris’s Religion

In 2006, Sam Harris wrote an article for a Buddhist magazine entitled, Killing the Buddha. The article is summarized as follows: “Kill the Buddha,” says the old koan. “Kill Buddhism,” says Sam Harris, author of The End of Faith, who … Continue reading

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Dawkins is Moved to Tears By….a Machine

Dawkins and Krauss gave an interview to promote themselves and their documentary. For the most part, the interviewer tosses softballs at them, allowing them to preach their message. But the interview gets a little interesting after 20 minutes or so … Continue reading

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