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The Theocracy Is Coming!

Professor Ceiling Cat had a hissy fit about the recent Hobby Lobby Supreme Court ruling: I could go on, but today I’m really afraid for America: afraid that, due solely to our Supreme Court, we are becoming a theocracy. There … Continue reading

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Is North Korea a Theocracy?

In the previous blog entry, someone wrote: An atheist state? Jerry Coyne claims something different about N.Korea: “The state is in many ways a theocracy, with its three last leaders seen as gods.” Yes, buy Coyne is not a credible … Continue reading

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Paranoid Atheism

Katherine Stewart posted a dumb article on Richard Dawkins’s Foundation for “Reason and Science” site and Dawkins has been promoting it when not counting his followers on Twitter (we’re supposed to be “distressed” by this).  It begins: Imagine an America … Continue reading

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