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The Wisdom of Haldane?

New Atheists are often proud of the fact that their familiarity with theology is so superficial. For example, philosopher Anthony Grayling rationalizes flippant dismissal of theology as follows: For example, if one concludes on the basis of rational investigation that … Continue reading

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Modern Day Atheism is Theology

The core “argument” of modern day atheism is the Demand For Evidence. As we all know, the modern atheist insists “there is no evidence for God” and then dares you to show he is wrong by providing the evidence. From … Continue reading

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Dawkins and Theology

I’m told theology is outside my field of expertise. But is theology a “field” at all? Is there anything in “theology” to be expert ABOUT? — Richard Dawkins (@RichardDawkins) April 16, 2013 The problem, Richard, is not your lack of … Continue reading

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Demonstrating that New Atheists are Indeed Ignorant of Basic Theology

The title of this blog entry should say it all.  So let me proceed.  One day after Easter, Jerry Coyne writes: Granted, testing things like the Resurrection is difficult since they’re one-off claims (indeed, that’s why Christianity ultimately rests on … Continue reading

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