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A Schism Among the Ls, Gs, and Ts

A nice article appeared in Newsweek that scores some significant points against the Trans/Queer movement. What makes the article different is that it is written by a gay man. It begins: There is a frightening new version of homophobia pervading … Continue reading

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Twitter Trans Thoughts

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Sex Assigned at Birth

You have likely heard of the term “sex assigned at birth.”    It is defined as follows: The sex (male or female) assigned to a child at birth, most often based on the child’s external anatomy. Also referred to as birth … Continue reading

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Florida Law Makes the Gender Unicorn Sad

As we know, the woke activists and their allies are melting down because of the Florida law that prohibits classroom instruction about gender identity to 5 year old children.  The woke dishonestly spin the law as a “don’t say gay” … Continue reading

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Seduced to Become Transgender

There is a really good essay from someone who got caught up in the transgender movement, but was able to detransition after finding support.  She makes many good points throughout her lengthy essay to help us see the harmful elements … Continue reading

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One Simple Question For Woke Atheists

Can you provide the evidence that Lia Thomas is a woman?

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i finally realized i’m not a boy, and i don’t know where to go from here.

That’s the title of a reddit thread where someone talks about their experience with becoming transgender and then trying to back away from it. Here’s an excerpt: (sorry in advance for the long/rambling post, i just want to write out … Continue reading

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Why There Are Only Two Sexes

From the biological perspective, human beings conform to the binary pattern of male and female.  Let’s consider why this is the case. The sexual binary pattern runs so deep that it reflects itself in the fact that each one of … Continue reading

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There Are Two Biological Sexes

Quite some time ago, we saw the pseudoscientic essence of Bill Nye’s supposed spectrum of biological sexes.  Let’s take it a step further and consider this web article’s claim that there are 6 biological sexes: We know, without question, that humans … Continue reading

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What if Atheists Argued with Post-Modern Christians?

Let’s look in on an exchange between Chris the Postmodern Christian and Alan the atheist. Chris defeats the atheist with a tweaked version of postmodern apologetics. 😉 Chris:  I am a child of God.  Jesus died for my sins and … Continue reading

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