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Social Science At Work

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Pro-Choice, Anti-Gun Leftist Went to Kill Supreme Court Justice

I’ll bet there are many secular progressives out there who wish Roske had carried out his murderous plan. Roske told officers he wanted to murder Kavenaugh because it would “give his life purpose.” Sounds like a nihilistic atheist. Ends justfy … Continue reading

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Pride Month

Apparently, one way the Woke celebrate pride month is to take kids to gay bars and get them to participate is some draq queen dance routine: BTW, if you oppose this, the secular progressives will accuse you of homophobia and … Continue reading

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More Evidence to Support Bill Maher’s Point About the LGBTQ Fad/Trend

In case you have not seen this, I would highly recommend it: Let me provide some evidence that greatly strengthens Maher’s point about the trendiness of being LGBT. Here is a breakdown of the survey results from the Gallop poll … Continue reading

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Guardian Journalist Blocks Me

This is all it took: These far left activists really are snowflakes.

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Pedophiles Spotted

I found some pedophiles in the Twitterverse.  I don’t want to follow them on Twitter, but I do want to study their positions and arguments.  So I will link to them here.  Let’s start with ” Jamal Ross”

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Three Reasons to Be a Little Optimistic

There is so much doom and gloom out there that I thought I’d share some examples of what I consider to be good news. 1. Ukraine.  Like most people, I expected the Russians to roll through the Ukraine, completely subjugating … Continue reading

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When Gender Ideology Becomes Child Abuse

Here is an article that outlines the case of a young girl who got caught up in gender ideology, leading her to harm herself. Penny was just 11 years old when she decided that people online were right — that … Continue reading

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Adventures in the Twitterverse, Episode 6

Question asked: Snarky reply Boom Fish is hooked

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Another Lying Teacher

She lies about not be able to say the word “gay” in class. Then she brags about teaching some statistic that I have not been able to verify. Most likely, she lies.

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