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More on Boghossian’s Pseudoscience

As I have shown, Peter Boghossian’s whole “argument” amounts to pseudoscience. He takes two pseudoscientific claims, a) religious faith is a mental illness and b) religious faith is caused by an infection from a “faith virus” and combines them into … Continue reading

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More Reading Assignments

Peter Boghossian backs out of a radio debate because he claims his opponent, a theologian with a PhD, is not a scholar. aRemonstrant’sRamblings continues to dissect Boghossian’s book, showing how Boghossian quote-minded, while beginning to deconstruct Boghossian’s oddball definition of … Continue reading

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Sam Harris’s Subtle Attack on Science

What do you do if you are an activist who does not do science, but want your activism to be perceived as science so you can exploit the cultural authority of science to carry out your activist agenda? Well, you … Continue reading

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Militant Atheist Wall of Wisdom v.2

I think we should probably abandon the irremediably religious precisely because that is what they are – irremediable. I am more interested in the fence-sitters who haven’t really considered the question very long or very carefully. And I think that … Continue reading

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Mind and the Limitations of Science

Consider this news story from 2009: A car crash victim has spoken of the horror he endured for 23 years after he was misdiagnosed as being in a coma when he was conscious the whole time. Rom Houben, trapped in … Continue reading

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Reading Assignments

Here’s an article that might interest many of you by David Gelernter. It touches on some of the themes that have been discussed here lately – transhumanism and the argument that subjective awareness is an illusion. Gelernter is a professor … Continue reading

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Professor Coyne Struggles with Morality

Ross Douthat points out one of the problem in Jerry Coyne’s thinking when it comes to morality: Coyne proposes three arguments in favor of a cosmopolitan altruism, two of which are circular: Making a “harmonious society” and helping “those in … Continue reading

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Jerry Coyne Flails Away at Ross Douthat

Ross Douthat provides a very thoughtful response to Jerry Coyne’s anti-religious rant. Coyne must feel threatened by the response, given a) he goes into “rapid response” mode, with a reply already posted on his blog early the same morning and … Continue reading

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More Details About Schism in Atheist Church

Lee Moore gives us a little more detail about the schism in the Atheist Church: What started out as a comedic Atheist church wants to turn itself into some sort of centralized humanist religion, with Sanderson Jones and Pippa Evans … Continue reading

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More Evidence that Atheism is Becoming Increasingly Religious

In the past, I provided a growing list of evidence that indicates atheism is becoming a religion as a consequence of the New Atheist movement. Well, there has been a new development that underscores the growing religious nature of modern … Continue reading

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