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More Officials Think Covid was Leaked from a Lab

A couple of years ago, I suspected that the lab leak hypothesis concerning the origin of Covid was true and asked, “Why Does China Act Like the Lab Leak Hypothesis Is True?” Just a couple of days ago, we learned this … Continue reading

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The Irrational Sam Harris and Vaccines

Harris is an idiot. Yes, there is a huge fracture in society around the issues of vaccines. And you wanna know why it exists? It’s because people like Harris insisted on a vaccine mandate. People were forced to choose between … Continue reading

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How Progressive Atheists Deal with Covid

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Media’s Praise of China’s Covid Response Did Not Age Well

I am somewhat shocked (for real this time) that this was published, as it documents many examples of the Left-Wing media praising China’s approach to Covid. Of course, many of us knew they were wrong. It’s just now much harder … Continue reading

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PZ “Germophobe” Myers Still Afraid of Covid

PZ Myers is STILL terrified about dying from Covid.  On his blog ,he complains he is part of the demographic  (he just turned 65) that is dying and fears he is going to be next.  He writes: If this disease … Continue reading

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In China, anti-Covid protests have turned into anti-CCP protests

Apparently, protests like this have been happening all over China. What makes it most delicious is it was all triggered by the crackpot “zero-covid” germophobic restrictions.

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Spot on

Yes, I think that is when many people began to realize the “experts” had a credibility problem. I also noticed how the experts would go on and on about the number of new cases, but never made an effort to … Continue reading

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If you will recall, Woke Atheist PZ Myers had nightmares about dying from Covid. Yesterday he got another booster shot and had a bad night. Oh, and here are the new cases of covid in his state: Myers is such … Continue reading

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Atheist Nation Gets Tough on Covid. Atheist PZ Myers Would Be Proud.

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At What Point Does It Become a Phobia?

PZ Myers wants to attend a scifi/fantasy conference this summer, but can’t make himself go because of Covid. Myers himself is fully vaccinated and boosted, but that’s not enough. He even acknowledges the conference is “requiring proof of vaccination to … Continue reading

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