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More Officials Think Covid was Leaked from a Lab

A couple of years ago, I suspected that the lab leak hypothesis concerning the origin of Covid was true and asked, “Why Does China Act Like the Lab Leak Hypothesis Is True?” Just a couple of days ago, we learned this … Continue reading

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An Interesting Relationship

Hmmmm. I’ve alslo seen surveys that Generation Z is more likely to embrace Atheism and Socialism than previous generations. Imagine that. Mental health problems, educational definciences, obesity, criminal records, and an unwillingness to serve all correlated with higher identification with … Continue reading

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Another Trans Rights Activist Defends Pedophilia

To give you a preview of what is coming from the Woke progressives somtime in the near future: I did write about this guy 3 years ago: He’s another example that supports the PPA rule:

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The Trans Commandments

The following commandments must be obeyed by all.  Anyone who violates any of these commandments is guilty of Transphobia and should be punished.  Repeated or multiple violations amount to Violence and Genocide against all trans people and will be punished.  … Continue reading

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The Gender Problem in Less than 280 Characters

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How Did We Get Here?

You often hear progressive activists whine about various legislation that is supposedly trying to “erase transgender people.” Yeah, right. But go ahead and read Leor Sapir’s many responses that make it pretty clear why such legislation is seen to be … Continue reading

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Let’s Wait for Evidence

Of course, the activists, being activists, can’t be trusted with being truthful. For those of us who think truth claims should be grounded in some evidence, I would note that at this point, there is no evidence this was a … Continue reading

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Erin Reed Tries to Debunk Jamie Reed

To me, one of the most interesting parts of Jamie Reed’s article about the Washington University gender clinic was this excerpt:  To begin transitioning, the girls needed a letter of support from a therapist—usually one we recommended—who they had to … Continue reading

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The Washington University Transgender Center Should Be Investigated

Here are some excerpts from case worker Jamie Reed’s article on her place of employment for four years –  the Washington University Transgender Center at St. Louis Children’s Hospital. First, Reed notes a dramatic change in the type of child … Continue reading

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Gender Clinic Behavior

I think it is hard to dismiss the author as having an axe to grind or being someone who misinterpreted her work environment. As such, this is a powerful piece that highlights many disturbing elements of such “clinics.”

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