Are Climate Change Activists More of a Threat than Climate Change?

Here is an interesting perspective to consider: If North America succumbs to childish platitudes championed by energy know-nothings, it risks becoming the next Europe, writes the group of energy commentators known as Doomberg.

Here is an excerpt:

Many politicians in the US want to close existing nuclear power plants, oppose the development of reliable fossil fuels at virtually every opportunity, attack existing energy infrastructure choke points, and constrain capital for future development.

This behaviour seems virtually indistinguishable from what the US would be doing if an adversarial foreign power were in charge of its affairs, and much of it is driven by privately funded and egregiously extremist environmental groups.

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School Board Continues to Defend Sex Fetish Teacher Using Trans Talking Points

As you listen to this school board member defend the teacher with the clownishly giant, fake breasts, notice how he sounds like a cult member citing his cult’s doctrine. The reason this story is significant is that sane, reasonable people know this is all wrong, yet those in power on forcing it on us.

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The Saga Continues

I’m feeling dizzy. as I think the troll/hoax explanation picked up some support today. The school board put out an official statement:

Oakville Trafalgar High School has received significant attention online over the past several days. As part of this coverage, a teacher has been incorrectly identified as “Stephen Hanna”. While we cannot confirm the identity of the individual in the photos/videos/radio segments, we can confirm that the individual is not Stephen Hanna. Stephen Hanna is a staff member of the Halton District School Board who is an entirely separate individual and is completely unrelated to this matter. 

It’s odd that they cannot confirm the identity of the individual in the photos/videos/radio segment. Is this because they are unable to do so or is it because something is preventing them from publicly doing so? If it’s the former, it’s looking more like some hoax.

Also, I’m pretty sure the source of the videos and pictures are supposed to have been students who identified the person as “Mr. Hanna.” This doesn’t add to their credibility.

I think the school has an ethical duty to confirm or deny the reality of those classroom videos. Since they were so quick to defend something like this, it would be nice to have them speak to its reality.

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The Kayla Lemieux Saga

Jonathan Kay wrote a nice article entitled, “The Canadian Gender-Rights Movement Enters Its Hentai Phase: An Ontario public-school teacher shows where unmitigated ‘self-identification’ leads.” There are a couple of points I’d like to focus on:

the whole premise of the trans-women-are-women mantra is that there is never any real difference between trans and non-trans women, except unimportant details arising from physiology. But Lemieux is a walking, talking refutation of that conceit.

Indeed. Better yet:

in the real world—a place that doesn’t answer to hashtags, acronyms, press releases, and other such artifices—not one human being actually looks at these photos and authentically reacts in the officially prescribed way………This is why so many people, myself included, are interested in the case. Not because (as noted above) we think the students are in any danger, but because it shows up the excesses of the wider, ideologically constructed gender farce in which we’re all now required to participate. (emphasis added)

Nailed it. This example truly highlights the absurdity of modern day gender ideology.

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Gender Activists Want to Routinely Expose School Children to Adult Sex Fetishes

Check this out:

The school has rallied to his defence, sheilding this man with the creepy sex fetish with the gender laws:

WARMINGTON: Halton school board prepares for backlash over trans high school teacher

Once again, we can simply behold the intellectual and moral depravity of the secular progressive movement. But we now can ask any gender activist whether this person is a woman. Either answer is worthy of follow-up.

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Blocked By a Rabbi

And then she blocked me. I don’t think I said anything that merits such a shut down. Then again, my point does seem to cause her point to collapse like a house of cards,

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Atheists Struggle With Their Evidence Demands

I went fishing for atheists:

After responding to one atheist, another one pops up:

And then a very typical set of exchanges shall follow, where the atheists will struggle mightily. Behold…..

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Interesting times

Hopefully, climate change will give Europe a nice, warm winter. Otherwise, climate change activism could very well have led to some serious pain.

“You can’t print molecules. You can’t print energy. If you head into the winter without enough energy — and because of Putin’s decisions, Europe almost certainly will — and then you also have a very sloppy, guaranteed-not-to-work rationing mechanism, you could have chaos.”

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Trying to Score Points with Lies

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Free Will vs. Foreknowledge

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