Another Queer Activist With an Interest in Children

More and more queer activists are increasingly focused on children.

Yet the queer host of that show thinks kids and “kink” belong together. And pay attention to the deception – when she says “kid friendly,” she means kids should be included in things like kink.

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More Oppression

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Progressive Parents Harming Their Own Children

Check out this video. Because of this mother’s socio-political beliefs, she is gently forcing her young son to make decisions that no child can truly make. And it’s clear the child is overwhelmed by the topic and afraid to “say the wrong thing” in front of his mother. If the child chooses transition (to please mom), he’ll become sterile and enslaved to a medical system for drugs and extreme cosmetic surgery that has high complication rates.

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Expanding The Woke Attack on Science

The woke progressives are becoming increasingly anti-science.

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Some Atheists Finally Figured it Out

I do appreciate that atheists like Bill Maher, Peter Boghossian, and James Lindsay have figured out that the Woke religion is far more dangerous and destructive than the Christian religion. But let’s not forget they were slow learners. Check out the video below. It’s there for all to see. Leaving me wonder about something. Prager is not some unusual example of brilliance. So how did he figure it out so much earlier than someone like Maher?

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Sin and Leftist activism

TFBW made some excellent observations in the comments. Let me repost them here.

From TFBW:
Another thing that strikes me about this list is how aligned with Leftist activism it is.

Lust hardly needs any explanation. Leftists demand that we tolerate or even celebrate all sorts of sexual debauchery under the banner of “sex positivity,” and accuse opponents of “kink shaming.” They are always pushing for more and more sexual license, and promote pornography in the school curriculum.

Gluttony is branded as “body positivity.” People who believe there is such a thing as a healthy weight are accused of “fat shaming.” They demand that we accept obesity as a beauty standard. They idolise Lizzo.

Greed is expressed primarily through looting and tolerance of looting. Even as large businesses shut down in deep blue cities on account of rampant shoplifting, the leaders of those cities accuse the businesses, not the looters, of being motivated by greed, projecting the sin onto the victim.

Sloth is expressed primarily through government welfare. The idea is promoted that people deserve to be paid simply for existing, not for working. The Biblical [2 Thess 3] concept of, “if one would not work, neither should he eat,” is anathema to them. They do not embrace sloth openly, but frame it as compassion and charity.

Wrath finds its primary outlet in property destruction and civil disorder. They chant, “no justice, no peace,” as they disrupt and destroy on account of things not going exactly as they demand.

Envy is the very heart of Marxist doctrine. The entire theory converts envy into entitlement, and then into a perverted demand for justice based on that perceived entitlement. One is spoilt for choice, but the current demands for reparations are a prominent example.

Pride is their attitude towards their own depravity. They are not ashamed of their sins: they claim them as moral goods, and parade them in open defiance of God. They are especially proud of their sexual deviance, their slaughter of the unborn, and their ugliness.

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False Shepherds

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Common sense

When people threaten to kill themselves repeatedly, it does indeed suggest some form of mental disorder in involved. Imagine if you knew a chid who threatened to kill himself unless his parents let him cut off his left hand. Is there any sane person who would not view this as mental illness?

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The Seven Deadly Wants

Previously I mentioned that five of the seven deadly traits (sins) boiled down to selfish desire – I want…  But upon more thought, I think all seven collapse into selfish desire.

Take wrath.  TFBW noted, “Wrath can also be “I want payback/revenge.”  Great point.  I think wrath can boil down to simply – “I want!!!!”  When the selfish heart does not get what it wants, it gets mad.  Then, if one begins to dwell on what they want and that they didn’t/don’t get what they want, it naturally becomes “I want payback/revenge.”   This selfish desire can then be masked as “justice.” This is why wrath is probably responsible for most of the interpersonal violence that occurs.

Yet what of pride?  I originally noted that it is an “I am” type of trait.  I am great.  I am wonderful.  I am special.  I am someone who…..deserves what I want!   But I have to wonder if desire comes first.  That is, you desire something so badly you come to convince yourself that you deserve it.  How?  By being deserving.   Define ‘deserving’: worthy of being treated in a particular way, typically of being given assistance.  Synonyms include: worthy, praiseworthy, laudable, excellent, admirable, and respectable, 

Once you think you are deserving of this and that, pride blooms into existence and takes it from there. 

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The Seven Deadly Traits

I’ve been wanting to write about the Seven Deadly Sins for some time now, so let me stop putting it off. 

Of course, the list of sevens sins is not outlined as such in the Bible, although there is Biblical support for each one.  The list was originally put together by Pope Gregory I in the 6th century and is not an exhaustive list of sins, as one can think of many others not part of the list, such as lying.  But these sins are traditionally considered deadly because they can lead other sins. I think it goes deeper than that.

Why talk about these sins? 

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