When Having Two Married Parents Becomes “White Privilege”

Here’s a video about “white privilege”
 that activists and virtue signalers like to share on social media.

If you watch it, you’ll find that the first two examples of “white privilege” are:

  • Having two parents who are still married.
  • If you grow up with a father figure in the house.

I kid you not.  Those are the first two examples raised.

Yet these are not examples of “white privilege”.  These are among the fruits of living a Christian lifestyle.

Christians strive to abstain from sex outside of marriage to minimize the chance of bringing children into existence without father figures in the home.  Christian parents strive to remain married for the sake of their children, so they can have a mother and a father.  It is the Christian community who has long argued for two parent households, with a mother and father.  The secular and pagan communities have condemned and mocked the Christians for this.  Instead, the secular and pagan communities have promoted having as much sex as you want.  With whoever you want (as long as there is “consent.”) and as often as you want.  The secular and pagan communities have advocated for fatherless families, single-parent families, open marriages, and divorce for any reason. In other words, the secular and pagan communities have been pushing a worldview that leads to not having parents who are still married and homes without father figures.

Well, it turns out the anti-white privilege activists have unwittingly admitted the Christians have been right all along.  If having two married parents is a “privilege,” and having a father figure is a “privilege,” then they are admitting such states are indeed better.  For to be privileged is to have a better position in life.  Yet what brought about this “privilege” is not the color of someone’s skin.  It’s adherence to traditions and ethics that are rooted in Christian morality.  In other words, it’s a “privilege” available to anyone.  Simply deny your selfish urges and needs, abandon the secular/pagan way of life, and instead commit to a Christian way of life.

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An Unconvincing Gender Identity Study

A paper recently published in Pediatrics is already being cited by the LGBTQ community as something that supports the trans cause. For example, the activist site, Them, published an article with great excitement:

Conservatives and assorted anti-trans reactionaries like to claim that trans kids don’t understand their own identities, and that almost all young trans people will eventually end up identifying with their birth gender. But a new study is blowing that assertion out of the water.

Published this month in the medical journal Pediatrics, it reveals the findings of a five-year longitudinal study of trans youth conducted by Princeton University’s Trans Youth Project. Out of more than 300 young trans-identifying people aged 3-12, only 2.5% identified as cisgender at the end of the five-year period, with 94% identifying as trans girls or boys and 3.5% identifying as nonbinary.

So let’s consider the research paper:  Gender Identity 5 Years After Social Transition. 

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Guardian Journalist Blocks Me

This is all it took:

These far left activists really are snowflakes.

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Pedophiles Spotted

I found some pedophiles in the Twitterverse.  I don’t want to follow them on Twitter, but I do want to study their positions and arguments.  So I will link to them here. 

Let’s start with ” Jamal Ross”

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Trans Lesbian Accuses Me of White Supremacy (I think)

Got into a short argument on Twitter with a “trans lesbian.” I didn’t know they were a trans lesbian, I just noted a comment where they claimed gender was a social construct. So I replied:

They then went and looked at my profile, saw a recent retweet, and commented. I replied.

The trans lesbian then moves in for the kill and I quickly repel such a move with basic critical thinking:

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Three Reasons to Be a Little Optimistic

There is so much doom and gloom out there that I thought I’d share some examples of what I consider to be good news.

1. Ukraine.  Like most people, I expected the Russians to roll through the Ukraine, completely subjugating it within a week.  But as we have seen, this is far from the truth.  In reality, Russia looks more and more like the big loser.  It has suffered multiple defeats, and many more casualties and lost equipment in the last several weeks than the United States lost during the Iraq and Afghanistan wars combined.   So why is this good news?  While it’s nice to learn the Russian military’s capabilities have been vastly over-rated all these years, the real good news is that prior to the war, China linked up with Russia.  Thus, it is China that is being weakened by the Russian failures, perhaps to the point of stopping (for the time) their plans to conquer Taiwan.   To better appreciate how this has all been for the good, imagine the state of the world now if Putin had easily absorbed Ukraine in under a week.  Putin and Russia would look mighty, Europe and NATO would be splintering as various countries began to consider the strategy of appeasement, and worse, China would be emboldened with its new powerful ally and would likely be making its move on Taiwan. 

2. DeSantis vs. Disney.  When Ron DeSantis decided to hit back at the billion dollar company that wanted to overturn Florida’s new anti-grooming law, many tried to mock him.  But Disney not only backed down with its very public and partisan political posturing, the ripple effects from DeSantis’s action have been amazing.  For example, when the Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe was leaked, very few companies decided to speak out.  If it had not been for DeSantis, they would have tried to out compete each other with their public denunciations of the Court.  And then, just a few days ago, Netflix released a memo that basically told Woke employees if they did not like Netflix’s programming , then look for another job.  The Woke appear to be losing some of their power when it comes to controlling corporations.

3. TQs hit a wall. Early on, I kind of felt that the whole push for transgenderism and gender ideology  was inevitable.  But now I am not so sure, as the opposition is incredibly diverse and growing.  You simply cannot make the case that only religious conservatives are opposed to the transgender movement.  On the contrary, I notice various people who are neither religious nor conservative.  There are many secular atheists opposed to the gender propaganda, but also many feminists and people who would just consider themselves liberals.  In fact, there is a growing schism in the LGBTQ community, such that I’m starting to see more LGB’s wanting to split away from the Ts and Qs.  When gender ideology is opposed by religious and atheist, conservative and liberal, feminist, gay, and lesbian, along with a growing detrans population, it faces some serious opposition.  It’s possible that the rapid success of the TQ community, which has emboldened them to become even more radical (for example, advocating extreme medical treatments to young children), has fed into a deepening and spreading and lasting backlash.

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Make Way for the Therians!

For those of you who have come to believe women have penises and men get pregnant, it’s time to “progress” some more in your thinking and embrace the Therians:

What’s hilarious about the video is how the Therian so flippantly dismisses transspecies claims as if they are crazy. Talk about being self-unaware.

Anyway, if you think women have penises and men have periods, I’m not surprised you would also start believing people have animal genders. But why do you think those of us who are rational and sane have play along with these delusions? Can you answer that?

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As Roe v. Wade Slips Away……..

Extreme Left activist, Hemant Mehta, tries to explain the meaning of a post-Roe world in his blog post entitled, “If the Supreme Court overturns Roe, conservative Christians may regret it.”

Being the extreme activist, Mehta takes a hyper-partisan approach.  For example, early on, he complains:

Republicans made opposing abortion rights a litmus test for federal judges. 

Yeah, and Democrats made supporting abortion a litmus test for federal judges.  For example:

To pro-choice rights legal groups, Bork’s originalist views and his belief that the Constitution did not contain a general “right to privacy” were viewed as a clear signal that, should he become a justice of the Supreme Court, he would vote to completely overrule the Court’s 1973 decision, Roe v. Wade. Accordingly, a large number of groups mobilized to press for Bork’s rejection, and the resulting 1987 Senate confirmation hearings became an intensely partisan battle. ….Perhaps the best-known use of the verb “to bork” occurred in July 1991 at a conference of the National Organization for Women in New York City. Feminist Florynce Kennedy addressed the conference on the importance of defeating the nomination of Clarence Thomas to the U.S. Supreme Court, saying, “We’re going to bork him. We’re going to kill him politically. This little creep, where did he come from?”

While Mehta is only interested in scoring activist points, I’ll point out that the issue of abortion was the primary issue that politicized Supreme Court nominations for both sides

Activist Mehta really begins to slip off the deep end with an actual conspiracy theory:

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Slippery Slope

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Updated the About Section

Here. Just because the old one was so out of date.

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