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Antifa Soldier Needs Her Service Animal


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Atheist Pseudoscience

Originally posted in 2014 Atheist Zoltan Istvan writes: ‘Sometime in the next decade, the number of worldwide godless people — atheists, agnostics, and those unaffiliated with religion — is likely to break through the billion-person mark. Many in this massive … Continue reading

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Atheos: The Atheist Proselytization App

  It won’t be much longer until the street appistemologists (HT: Dhay) receive some much needed aid to better proselytize for atheism.  It’s the phone app “Atheos” from Peter Boghossian (the philosopher who insists all religious people are infected with … Continue reading

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New Atheist Promotes “AIDS Cure”

Atheist activist Bill Maher recently helped promote a quack who claims he cured Charlie Sheen, and entire countries, of AIDS with the milk of arthritic goats: Maher hosted—and seemed to take seriously—Dr. Samir Chachoua, who famously injected himself with Charlie … Continue reading

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Lawrence Krauss Needlessly Shreds His Credibility

Richard Dawkins sidekick, Lawrence Krauss, has been repeating Dawkins crackpot notions about child abuse and religion, this time with a twist: Theoretical physicist Lawrence Krauss recently doubled down on his claim that teaching creationism to children was a form of … Continue reading

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