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How to Deal With Those Angry, High Theists

Thank Chance for Atheos.  Without it, those Gentle Gnus would not know how to handle your typical theist.  😉

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Napkins and Skepticism

Let’s consider the mean-spirited note on the napkin allegedly left with a waitress.  If there is one phrase that accurately describes the note it would have to be “over the top.” The first thing I noticed is the impressive penmanship.  … Continue reading

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Activist Atheists Display Their Level of Commitment to The Evidence

When it comes to the origin of the nasty napkin that was allegedly left with an anonymous waitress, I noted there are three possible explanations. It was written by the waitress herself or someone she knows. It was written by … Continue reading

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More Atheist Rage

The internet atheists have worked themselves into a froth again.  On Oct 18, activist Hemant Mehta posted a blog entry entitled, ” Waitress in SC Receives “Tip” from Christians Telling Her a “Woman’s Place Is In the Home” and it … Continue reading

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Atheist Activists Spin Out of Control

The “Friendly” Atheist is an angry atheist, apparently “pissed off” by the fact that the Murrow Indian Children’s Home, an orphanage, exceeded its fundraising goals this year despite the intense, smear campaign the internet atheist community launched. Mehta, a career … Continue reading

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It Ends Well For Orphanage Attacked by Atheists

From here: By all accounts, the fifth annual fundraising powwow to benefit American Baptist Home Mission Societies (ABHMS)-supported Murrow Indian Children’s Home, Muskogee, Okla., was a huge success. The event was held on a recent Saturday on the grounds of … Continue reading

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More on the Authoritarian Nature of New Atheism

We have further evidence of the authoritarian nature of modern day atheism.   Here’s a video of a semi-popular 17-year-old Gnu sharing the wisdom of a 17-year-old Gnu.  What does this new generation of Gnus have in store for us? At … Continue reading

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Is the Muskogee Atheist Community Slipping Away into the Memory Hole?

Remember when the internet atheist community, led by “friendly” atheist activist Hemant Mehta, decided to target and harass an orphanage?  Recall that the harassment was done in the name of The Muskogee Atheist Community.   At the time, I pointed out … Continue reading

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Donald Trump’s Atheism May Have Contributed to His Campaign’s Implosion

I think it is pretty clear that as of now, Donald Trump’s campaign is imploding and he is on a pathway to a crushing defeat.  I also think that his atheism could very well have contributed to his implosion. How could … Continue reading

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Is Donald Trump an Atheist?

Recall that we are told an atheist is someone who simply lacks belief in God. From back in the summer: With this in mind, moderator Frank Luntz asked Donald Trump on Saturday, “Have you ever asked God for forgiveness?” The … Continue reading

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