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Does Dawkins Really Love Science?

We are told that Richard Dawkins is a man who deeply loves science.  In fact, it is this public perception that Dawkins exploits in order to serve the Gnu atheist movement.  But is it really true that Dawkins loves science? … Continue reading

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Where are the women of New Atheism?

Katie Engelhart tells us that New Atheists have a woman problem: “New Atheism” is old news. Enter “New, New Atheism”: the next generation, with its more spiritual brand of non-belief, and its ambition to build an atheist church. It is … Continue reading

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Built to Resist Truth

Since the evidence indicates New Atheists tend to be more angry, narcissistic, and dogmatic than other forms of atheists, what does this mean? The answer is obvious – New Atheists, more so than other atheists, are less likely to see … Continue reading

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Science Shows New Atheists to be Mean and Closed-Minded

As we all know, the New Atheists love to posture as if they are champions of science. The problem is that they only seem to care about science when it can somehow be recruited to aid their metaphysical and/or political … Continue reading

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The Arbitrary Attack on Free Will

Ever notice that when it comes to the topic of free will, atheists only seem interested in denying its existence when it comes to moral decisions? But must we really stop there? The Deuce posted a very thought-provoking comment a … Continue reading

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Steven Pinker on Francis Collins

Four years and four days ago to this date, Steven Pinker publicly opposed the nomination of Francis Collins to head the NIH. Let’s take a look at how Pinker rationalized his position. Pinker wrote: I have serious misgivings about Francis … Continue reading

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Gnutopia and Animal Love

Philosopher Peter Singer has leaned heavily on his atheistic worldview to support bestiality: Having “established” that bestiality isn’t rare, Singer says that although the Judeo-Christian tradition maintains a gulf between men and animals, this may be just a Western construction. … Continue reading

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Atheist Points out Problems with New Atheists

In the psst, I have noted it is important to realize not all atheists are New Atheists. Here is an example of an atheist who is calling out the New Atheists: Defining your life by volatile antitheism—in other words, clinging … Continue reading

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Dawkins is Moved to Tears By….a Machine

Dawkins and Krauss gave an interview to promote themselves and their documentary. For the most part, the interviewer tosses softballs at them, allowing them to preach their message. But the interview gets a little interesting after 20 minutes or so … Continue reading

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The Atheists and the Hive

Jerry Coyne is right about a couple of things. Namely, that if atheism is true, there is no free will and there is no moral responsibility. But there is no reason to stop there. For example, if atheism is true, … Continue reading

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