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The Snitch and the Inquisitors

Let’s have a closer look at how the Farmor’s School treated one of their workers who just happened to be a Christian. According to the Tribunal report: 10.  On 26 October 2018, Mr Evans was sent an email from someone … Continue reading

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The True Oppressors

Let’s continue with our analysis of Hemant Mehta‘s promotion of the firing of Christian school worker, Kristie Higgs. We’ve already highlighted the flawed reasoning in the UK tribunal’s ruling.  But Mehta applauds it and even includes cheering from a group … Continue reading

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UK Employment Tribunal Goes Off the Rails

Activist Mehta then quotes from the tribunal: Although not stated as clearly or simply as this, the act of which we concluded Mrs Higgs was accused and eventually found guilty was posting items on Facebook that might reasonably lead people … Continue reading

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Employment Tribunal that Ruled Against Kristie Higgs Has History of Questionable Judgments

We’ve seen activist Hemant Mehta use lies, strawmen arguments, and ad hominem attacks to justify taking someone’s job/income away from them in the name of social justice.  But let’s continue with the activist’s argument. Mehta writes: Yesterday, that tribunal issued … Continue reading

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“Friendly Atheist” Desperately Tries to Defend Firing of Christian School Worker

Atheist activist Hemant Mehta has some points to make about the firing of school worker, Kristie Higgs.  So let’s have a look. Mehta writes: She’s obviously delusional and hyperbolic. No one cares what she believes, That’s a lie.  What she … Continue reading

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Christian School Worker Fired For Expressing Beliefs

More social justice: A Christian school worker who claimed she had been dismissed because of her religious beliefs after raising concerns over teaching young children about LGBTQ+ relationships has lost her case. An employment tribunal ruled that Kristie Higgs had … Continue reading

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Richard Dawkins Cancelled Again

It happened again: Celebrated atheist Richard Dawkins was booked to address the College Historical Society (nicknamed the Hist) at Trinity College Dublin next year. But the society’s auditor has now announced that the invitation will be rescinded, citing Dawkins’ views … Continue reading

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