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Post-Christian Chronicles

As society increasingly abandons Christianity, it increasingly embraces the Crazy. Here are some LGBQT activists that we’re not supposed to notice: A progressive fashion designer praises authoritarianism: A best-selling author defends kiddie porn? Another gender affirming, sexual abuse story:

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A Way To Save Money

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Postmodern, Postchristian Enlightenment


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Post-Christian Pride

Behold the modern-day, proud secularist: If you would only abandon your childish belief in your ridiculous god, you too could appreciate such proud, modern enlightenment being offered on a child’s channel. One question: At 1:17, what’s with the communist fist … Continue reading

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Secular Zealotry

Let me quote from a recent article from The Atlantic that wisely notes, “As religious faith has declined, ideological intensity has risen.”  “if secularists hoped that declining religiosity would make for more rational politics, drained of faith’s inflaming passions, they … Continue reading

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Is Free Speech a Christian Value?

I was thinking about the growing number of people who show contempt for free speech as they believe the State needs to silence opposing “dangerous” opinions. It is an approach that is alien to my way of thinking. Perhaps it … Continue reading

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Atheism, Social Justice, and the Id

Previously I noted how the thinking of a typical social justice advocate seems to be rooted in subjectivity and emotion.  I think this insight helps us to better understand the social justice crowd, but I think we can also dive … Continue reading

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More Intellectual Elites Who Embraced Pedophilia

In a previous posting I wrote, As we proceed into the terrain of the post-Christian world, it has become more obvious to me that our “intellectual elites” would be better described as our “intellectual freaks.”  If one doubts me, explain … Continue reading

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The Post-Christian World is Full of Elves

Kimberel Eventide speaks to GMB about identifying as a trans-species elf and explains what it means to be an ‘otherkin’: My favorite part is around 2:22, when the female journalist says she doesn’t want to insult the elf because she … Continue reading

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The Sentimental Moralist

Commenting on the hysterical reaction to the Covington student issue, Matthew Schmitz made some incredibly insightful points that also apply to the original hysteria surrounding the Jussie Smollett allegations: Oscar Wilde defined the sentimentalist as one “who desires to have … Continue reading

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