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Is Free Speech a Christian Value?

I was thinking about the growing number of people who show contempt for free speech as they believe the State needs to silence opposing “dangerous” opinions. It is an approach that is alien to my way of thinking. Perhaps it … Continue reading

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Smith College Responds to Shaw (or tries to)

In a previous blog entry, I noted: Unless Smith College has some type of rebuttal to consider, Shaw’s allegations do indeed paint a picture of entrenched racism within Smith College. For example, the whole story about “white fragility” is most … Continue reading

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White Fragility: A Pseudoscientific Concept

Since the social justice extremists want to use the term “white fragility” as a weapon, let’s take a closer look at this nonsense concept.  We’ll start with a mainstream review of the book that popularized the term. The review begins: … Continue reading

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More Woke Banophilia

Yesterday, I highlighted one of the defining traits of the Woke – banophilia, which is the need to ban speech, actions, and things one does not like. Essentially, control freaks on a power trip. And later in the day, the … Continue reading

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Good Reason to Think Woke Advocates Don’t Care When Children Die

I think one of the defining traits of a social justice/woke advocate is the desire to ban speech and actions they don’t agree with.  There are just too many examples to ignore.  They want to ban various forms of speech … Continue reading

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Is Smith College Racist?

Jodi Shaw was a staffer at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts. She claims she had to quit her job because of all the racist actvity among the administrators. Here’s part of her resignation letter (you can read the whole thing … Continue reading

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The Inflammatory Rhetoric of David French

David French wrote an article that was critical of Christian involvement of the Capitol riots on Jan 6.  While French makes some good points, he also suffers from a huge blind spot.  Throughout his article, French refers again and again … Continue reading

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The Intellectual Dishonesty of Anti-Gun Activists

Now that politicians are trying to exploit school shootings from the past to justify their anti-gun proposals, I thought I would repost a blog entry that highlights their lack of intellectual honesty regarding this debate. Such activists like to posture … Continue reading

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Which one is trans?

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Should Darwin Day Instead Be George Washington Carver Day?

This is the time of the year when American politicians want the American government to officially designate February 12th as “Darwin Day.” A few years back, Rep. James Himes [D-CT-4] proposed this in House Resolution 699: Supports the designation of … Continue reading

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