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Yes, Pedophlia is Immoral

Given that pedophilia is being defended in woke academia, let’s consider their arguments.  So far, I have seen two arguments that attempt to deny the immorality of pedophilia.  First, it is claimed that pedophilia is an innate sexual orientation and … Continue reading

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The Oppressed

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Post-Roe World

Now that Roe v. Wade has been discarded, will this translate as a huge shift in votes for the Democrats in November?  I doubt it. First, and most importantly, the people who are enraged and outraged by the Supreme Court … Continue reading

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Queer Professor Seeks to Normalize Pedophilia

Several months ago, we learned about the trans professor, Dr. Allyn Walker who was arguing for the need to destigmatize pedophilia.  And now we have another: Very much the same arguments Walker would make.  Might we have a community of … Continue reading

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Social Science At Work

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Pro-Choice, Anti-Gun Leftist Went to Kill Supreme Court Justice

I’ll bet there are many secular progressives out there who wish Roske had carried out his murderous plan. Roske told officers he wanted to murder Kavenaugh because it would “give his life purpose.” Sounds like a nihilistic atheist. Ends justfy … Continue reading

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The Intellectual Dishonesty of Anti-Gun Activists

[I posted this a few years back, but since it’s just as relevant and solid as it was then, I’ll repost it. Again.] Now that politicians are trying to exploit school shootings from the past to justify their anti-gun proposals, I thought … Continue reading

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Pride Month

Apparently, one way the Woke celebrate pride month is to take kids to gay bars and get them to participate is some draq queen dance routine: BTW, if you oppose this, the secular progressives will accuse you of homophobia and … Continue reading

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White Supremacy

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