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Sam Harris Finally Makes Sense To Me

Sam Harris has always been something of a mystery to me. How so? Harris is one of the Four Horsemen, along with Dawkins, Hitchens, and Dennett. But something didn’t make sense. I knew who Dawkins was. I knew who Hitchens … Continue reading

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Sam Harris Promoted as “the Neuroscientist”

Sam Harris is constantly being promoted as a “neuroscientist.” If you use Google to search the news with for Sam Harris, you’ll get page after page of the following: Neuroscientist Sam Harris had some harsh words for one of the … Continue reading

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Crackpot Sam Harris Still Lashing Out at Leading Scientist

Years ago, Harris warned that Francis Collins would be bad for the NIH and tried to lead a crusade to prevent Collins from being appointed to head the NIH. During the following years, Harris’s warnings were proven to be wrong, … Continue reading

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Richard Dawkins Thinks All Religious People are “Evil”

A few weeks ago, Tweety Dawk tweeted: Very few faith-heads are as evil as Taliban or IS. Yet what else but faith is CAPABLE of making people do such evil? — Richard Dawkins (@RichardDawkins) December 17, 2014 Don’t get … Continue reading

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New Atheists Violate Their Own Commandments

Thanks to the New Atheist Movement, atheism is becoming more and more religious every day. We already have Atheist symbols, Atheist churches, Atheist ceremonies, and even Atheist schisms. Now, we can add the fact that thousands of atheists participated in … Continue reading

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Elite Scholars Don’t Have Elite Reasons For Being Non-believers

Over at, someone named John G. Messerly wrote an article entitled, Religion’s smart-people problem: The shaky intellectual foundations of absolute faith.” Messerly writes: Should you believe in a God? Not according to most academic philosophers. A comprehensive survey revealed … Continue reading

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Truth Claims Rooted in Feelings and Anecdotes

I wanted to blog about this before I forget and the data get buried. For over a decade now, the New Atheists have been preaching a message – religion is evil and the world would be so much better if … Continue reading

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University of Michigan Professor Admits She is a Hater

Susan J. Douglas is a professor of communications at the University of Michigan. She writes: I hate Republicans. I can’t stand the thought of having to spend the next two years watching Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, Ted Cruz, Darrell Issa … Continue reading

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Jerry Coyne reports: You may have forgotten the case of Emerson T. McMullen, the Georgia Southern University (GSU) history professor (actually, an associate professor) who proselytized both Christianity and creationism in his history/science classes. (For relevant posts, go here.) Such … Continue reading

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Overreacting much?

This one cracked me up. Jerry Coyne might move his blog to Patheos and asked his readers for feedback. So one of his readers sent him a simple email to let him know – “If you move to Patheos, I … Continue reading

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