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Woman Who Accused Richard Carrier of Sexual Harassment Seeking Help to Defend Herself Against His Lawyers

From the GoFundMe page: Amy Frank is a neurobiology student at Arizona State University. Last year, she helped host a campus event, featuring Dr. Richard Carrier.  Soon after the event, Amy reported that Dr. Carrier made several romantic and sexual … Continue reading

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Richard Carrier Accuses Ex-Lover of Harassment and Claims He Will Sue PZ Myers

Blogger Richard Carrier, champion of the Mythers and advocate for polyamorphory, is firing his heavy artilery at his old allies.  Here is a sampling of Carrier’s latest round of accusations and complaints from his new blog: In actual fact, the … Continue reading

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The Faith of an Atheist, Part 2

Zoltan Istvan is the New Atheist who is running for President of the United States.  Istvan’s extreme scientism leads him to embrace the crackpot notion that soon science will be able to make us all immortal.  We have already seen … Continue reading

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Atheist Presidential Candidate Wants to Make Teaching Religion to Children a Crime

I wouldn’t classify Zoltan Istvan as a leader in the New Atheist movement, but he is clearly someone who has swallowed New Atheist rhetoric and taken it to the next level. In a sense, he is one example of a … Continue reading

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The Faith of an Atheist

Zoltan Istvan’s campaign promises as an atheist candidate for president represent splendid examples of atheist faith in action. Let’s consider example #1 for today. Zoltan is apparently a single-issue candidate, promising that if he was President, he would get the … Continue reading

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Atheist Pseudoscience

Originally posted in 2014 Atheist Zoltan Istvan writes: ‘Sometime in the next decade, the number of worldwide godless people — atheists, agnostics, and those unaffiliated with religion — is likely to break through the billion-person mark. Many in this massive … Continue reading

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Atheist Presidential Candidate Lashes Out At Religious People

New Atheist Zoltan Istvan considers himself the US Presidential candidate of the Transhumanist Party and has decided to use religious people as his scapegoats in his campaign.  He writes: All around the world, religious terror is striking and threatening us. … Continue reading

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The Moral and Intellectual Bankruptcy of Anti-Christian Activists

A little over a month ago, I pointed out that Christophobic activists tried to blame or link Christianity to the murder of 49 people in Orlando. An Islamic extremist pledged his allegiance to the leader of the Islamic State and shot … Continue reading

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I’m shocked. Shocked.

According to a recent news report, a transgender woman has been arrested for recording another woman dressing in a Target dressing room: A transgender woman is facing a felony charge after sheriff’s officials say she used a cell phone to … Continue reading

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New Atheist “Scholar” Raked Over the Coals

Tim O’Neill wrote a scorching analysis of Carrier’s fringe notion that everything Josephus wrote about Jesus was entirely a latter Christian interpolation. Y’gotta love how O’Neill begins his essay, as it perfectly captures the essence of Carrier: It seems I’ve done … Continue reading

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