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The Dark, Pseudoscientific Side of Determinism

Jerry Coyne is relying on his free will denialism once again, this time to defend the sexual predator Harvey Weinstein.  We can’t blame Weinstein for his behavior.  He is not at fault.  For he couldn’t help it.  Something made him … Continue reading

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He Lives is Back

There are some good blog postings over at the He Lives blog. In Science v. Science+, David exposes a core problem with the “science and religion are incompatible” talking point that is so commonly embraced by New Atheists.   It turns … Continue reading

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Free Will: Evidence for God

Does atheism entail determinism?  Jerry Coyne seems to think so.  He makes it quite clear how his views of determinism follow from his acceptance of atheism/materialism: The best answer I can give (besides reading Sean Carroll’s “The Big Picture”) is … Continue reading

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Social Justice Determinists

As I have argued before, atheistic determinism and social justice ideology complement each other very well.  Thus, it is rather amusing to watch a hardcore determinist like Jerry Coyne engage in his constant battles with various social justice atheists and … Continue reading

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Determinism and Eliot Rodger

Over on Richard Carrier’s obscure blog, he took aim at fellow atheist, Sargon of Akkad: When Sargon argued feminism is responsible for Elliot Rodger’s murder spree (and he did), because feminism “disenfranchised” Rodger by somehow programming women to not like … Continue reading

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The Dark Side of Free Will Denialism

Gregg Caruso, a philosophy professor at Corning Community College, gave a talk about the “Dark Side” of Free Will. In doing so, I think he lets the cat out of the bag, showing that free will deniers come to us … Continue reading

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Determinism and Social Justice

Jerry Coyne is once again peddling  free will denialism.  Coyne writes: As I always say, it’s easier to convince a diehard creationist of the truth of evolution than to convince a diehard atheist of the fact that our behaviors are … Continue reading

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Secular consensus

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Confused Determinism

New Atheist Jerry Coyne continued to rationalize New Atheism’s fascination with free will denialism.: No, I don’t believe in “moral accountability,” which to me implies that one can choose freely. (Indeed, the survey of Sarkissian et al. shows that many … Continue reading

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New Atheist Leader Excuses Terrorist

Jerry Coyne argues that Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev should not be held morally responsible for his terrorism. This is where New Atheism leads…….. At this moment, a jury in Boston is weighing imposing a federal death penalty on 21-year-old … Continue reading

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