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Free Will vs. Foreknowledge

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Free Will: Evidence for God

Does atheism entail determinism?  Atheist Jerry Coyne seems to think so.  Some time ago, he made it quite clear how his views of determinism follow from his acceptance of atheism/materialism: The best answer I can give (besides reading Sean Carroll’s … Continue reading

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The Dark Side of Gregg Caruso’s Free Will Denialism

Gregg Caruso, a philosophy professor at Corning Community College, gave a talk about the “Dark Side” of Free Will. In doing so, I think he lets the cat out of the bag, showing that free will deniers come to us … Continue reading

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Jeffrey Epstein’s Determinism

When I get some time, I’d like to take a closer look at pedophile/sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein and New Atheism.  But for the time being, I’ll just briefly point to some relevant articles.  Let’s start with  this article: Many contributions … Continue reading

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Free Will and Naturalism

Jerry Coyne continues to obsess about free will, as he responds to a short book entitled, Free: Why Science Hasn’t Disproved Free Will. What’s clear to me is that Coyne’s version of naturalistic atheism is incompatible with libertarian free will, … Continue reading

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The Hypocrisy of Harris and Coyne

We have seen that both Sam Harris and Jerry Coyne have condemned Lawrence Krauss for his sexual harassment of women.  Harris said that he believes the women, that Krauss needs to apologize, and that he is in a position to … Continue reading

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The Turpins, polyamory, and a deterministic legal system

Jerry Coyne is once again mocking other atheist leaders for not being vocal enough in support of determinism. He is befuddled as to why Dawkins and others won’t come out and champion his old school determinism, mocking them as Scholars of … Continue reading

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Determinism Complements the Regressive Left

I have mentioned several times now that atheistic determinism and social justice ideology complement each other very well, leading me to wonder whether the embrace of determinism predisposes atheists to eventually and progressively embrace the Regressive Left. I was reminded … Continue reading

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Determinism: Delusions and The Hive

Some painter named Raoul Martinez doesn’t want to be held responsible for his choices and actions.  He lays out the standard case for determinism in one of those slick little youtube infomercials: What’s interesting to note about this form of … Continue reading

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Defining a Determinist

A determinist is someone who thinks people should not hold him morally responsible for his actions. I see….. Wonder why that is? 😉

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