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More Trouble in Atheist Land

It appears that the drama that ripped the New Atheist movement apart is still alive. From the American Humanists Association: The Board of Directors of the American Humanist Association received a communication on behalf of an AHA chapter with concerns regarding Mandisa … Continue reading

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Phil Torres Lashes Out At His Old Heroes

Phil Torres wrote an article entitled, Godless grifters: How the New Atheists merged with the far right: What once seemed like a bracing intellectual movement has degenerated into a pack of abusive, small-minded bigots. Torres does a good job cataloging … Continue reading

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Ex-New Atheists Go After New Atheists

PZ Myers draws attention to an article by Phil Torres that is very critical of New Atheist leaders. It’s been about four years since I posted my autopsy on the New Atheist movement, so it is nice to see ex-New … Continue reading

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Might the Friendly Atheist Have Helped Coordinate the Latest Attacks on Richard Dawkins?

Might Hemant Mehta have helped coordinate the latest attacks on Richard Dawkins?  Consider some suggestive evidence. When I searched Google News with “Richard Dawkins” on April 19th, various articles appear about Dawkins being cancelled by the AHA.  As you probably … Continue reading

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Sam Harris Mocks Humanists While Hemant Continues to Flail

While Hemant continues to flail: Hemant thinks his fellow atheists are making “right-wing” comments, but that’s only because Hemant is Far Left Extremist. When you are so far out there on the Left, everyone who disagrees with you looks right-wing. … Continue reading

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Hemant Mehta Continues His Attacks on Richard Dawkins

As we all know, social justice activists have trouble processing reason and evidence. Thus, when they encounter an opposing viewpoint, being unable to rationally refute it, they opt for the Cancel Culture response – shut their opponent down. One possible … Continue reading

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Friendly Atheists Lashes Out At Richard Dawkins and Ends Up Getting Spanked by Jerry Coyne

Hemant Mehta pubicly attacked Richard Dawkins in a posting, “Richard Dawkins is Still Denying the Basic Humanity of Trans People.” The title is obviously absurd to those of us who value reason. As DHay noted, “Dawkins nowhere in the tweet, … Continue reading

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Atheist PZ Myers notes that Atheist Hemant Mehta has no “values”

PZ Myers has some harsh criticisms of activist Hemant Mehta (the so-called “Friendly Atheist”): Hemant is a bit of a toady who values his connections to the Big Dudes of Atheism too much to actually have any values. and I … Continue reading

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New Atheism’s Most Feared Super-Villian

Some atheists have begun to liken PZ Myers to a super-villain in a Batman story because of the damage he has done to the New Atheist movement.  And I can see why.  If you think about it, PZ’s destructive influence … Continue reading

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Not Everyone is Happy with Jerry Coyne’s Position

When Jerry Coyne posted his position about Lawrence Krauss, he took the highly unusual step of turning off the comments for that post.  I can’t think of a single other example when he has done that.  Of course, it’s obvious … Continue reading

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