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School Board Continues to Defend Sex Fetish Teacher Using Trans Talking Points

As you listen to this school board member defend the teacher with the clownishly giant, fake breasts, notice how he sounds like a cult member citing his cult’s doctrine. The reason this story is significant is that sane, reasonable people … Continue reading

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The Saga Continues

I’m feeling dizzy. as I think the troll/hoax explanation picked up some support today. The school board put out an official statement: Oakville Trafalgar High School has received significant attention online over the past several days. As part of this … Continue reading

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The Kayla Lemieux Saga

Jonathan Kay wrote a nice article entitled, “The Canadian Gender-Rights Movement Enters Its Hentai Phase: An Ontario public-school teacher shows where unmitigated ‘self-identification’ leads.” There are a couple of points I’d like to focus on: the whole premise of the trans-women-are-women mantra … Continue reading

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Gender Activists Want to Routinely Expose School Children to Adult Sex Fetishes

Check this out: The school has rallied to his defence, sheilding this man with the creepy sex fetish with the gender laws: WARMINGTON: Halton school board prepares for backlash over trans high school teacher Once again, we can simply behold … Continue reading

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Two Ways the Gender Activists are Setting the Table for the Pedophiles

After watching gender activists on Twitter for some time now, it has become clear there are two ways in which they are setting the stage for the normalization of pedophilia.  1. Age on consent.  Gender activists argue that young children … Continue reading

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No One Wants to Date a Trans: What Does It Mean?

A recent study has turned up some bad news for the gender activists and their allies: 958 participants (all but seven cisgender, ranging in age from 18 to 81, with an average age of 26) were asked to indicate which … Continue reading

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Trans Lesbian Accuses Me of White Supremacy (I think)

Got into a short argument on Twitter with a “trans lesbian.” I didn’t know they were a trans lesbian, I just noted a comment where they claimed gender was a social construct. So I replied: They then went and looked … Continue reading

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Make Way for the Therians!

For those of you who have come to believe women have penises and men get pregnant, it’s time to “progress” some more in your thinking and embrace the Therians: What’s hilarious about the video is how the Therian so flippantly … Continue reading

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How Gender Activists Go Astray With the Sex Binary

According to this science education page: 01001000 01100101 01101100 01101100 01101111 00100001 Those ones and zeros might not look like anything to you, but in binary code the numbers are actually saying “Hello!” Any code that uses just two symbols … Continue reading

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The Sex Binary is Obvious from the Scientific Perspective

Gender activist, Amy M, insisted “Nature doesn’t follow human-imposed binaries. I’ve said this already. You acknowledge that there are variations (not *mistakes*, because nature doesn’t have intent or judgement, and “mistake” applies a value judgement) which fall outside the binary. … Continue reading

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