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Teachers Have a Problem

Teachers do seem to have pedophilia problem. This is why people should be skeptical when teachers want to teach sexual topics to children.

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Another Lying Teacher

She lies about not be able to say the word “gay” in class. Then she brags about teaching some statistic that I have not been able to verify. Most likely, she lies.

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Seven Reasons the Gender Unicorn Should NOT Be Taught in Schools

Here is a video of a teacher explaining how she teaches the Gender Unicorn to 10 year old children. And here is the Gender Unicorn: Now here are the seven things wrong with this poster/lesson and why it should not … Continue reading

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So Teachers Do Have a Grooming Problem

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Tale of the Tearless Teacher

I just noticed something about the teacher who tried hard to cry because she can no longer tell her 6-year old students about her “trans fem” spouse. What the heck is “trans fem?” “Transfeminine” is an umbrella term that refers … Continue reading

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Teacher Cries Because She Can’t Proselytize in Class

Sorry, no sympathy from me. Six year old kids don’t need to hear about her “trans fem” partner. I understand that by talking about her trans fem partner, she’s encouraging questions from the kiddies that will give her the excuse … Continue reading

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Teacher melts down

Why they’re known as snowflakes:

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Do Teachers Have a Pedophilia Problem?

If you check the news regularly, it appears that a significant number of teachers engage in some sexual acts with their students.  Here are just a few examples from this one news article: *A Pasadena ISD elementary teacher is charged … Continue reading

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Another day, another abusive teacher

Hmmm. The same profession that wants to indoctrinate children with Woke ideology (and lie to parents about their intentions) also seems to have an abuse problem. Here’s one that just became known: A Florida high school English teacher was arrested … Continue reading

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